Work Measurement and Ergonomics Module Assignment Two Flow Process Chart and Flow Diagram

You are to construct a Flow Process Chart and a Flow Diagram for the Food Item originally specified in Module Assignment One that is prepared by the Cook at the Fast Food Restaurant called Mexican BurgerMac, Inc.
Download the Flow Process Chart Form.
You must complete the Flow Process Chart using Microsoft WORD.
At the top of the form enter your name, and change the Company Name to “Mexican BurgerMac, Inc.” Also enter the other information indicated at the top of the form.
Instead of using the symbols such as circles and diamonds, use the corresponding capital letters O, I, T, D, and S as appropriate in the Symbol Column on the form. Be sure to include a distance for all transportations. Number each activity in sequence beginning with the number 1 and continuing to the last activity on your chart
If you have more activities than will fit on one page then you can continue to add activities using either one of the following methods:
1. Add rows to the bottom of the table using the “Table” tab at the top of the Microsoft WORD software page.
2. Copy the blank table from page one and paste the table onto a new page in the same document.
Download the Flow Diagram Form.
You must complete the Flow Diagram using Microsoft WORD.
There are some Transportation, Operation, and Delay templates along the top of the form for you to copy and paste as ofter as you need them. You should delete any extra template symbols that you do not need for this assignment.


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