Victoria University Australia

The University of Victoria is located in the city of Melbourne. It was founded in 1916, after continual mergers with TAFE colleges. Nowadays it is one of the leading and most ethnically diverse among the educational institutions in Australia. It is one of the 5 Institutes that exist in the country that offer courses of TAFE and higher education. It offers close to 350 courses to international students through a chain of study areas.
Among the courses it offers, you can find:

UNDERGRADUATE: Choose a course from an extensive array of courses such as multimedia, business, law, education, communication, engineering, hospitality and tourism, international trade, accounting, science and computer science among others.

POSTGRADUATE: Within the faculties of the University of Victoria you can find a wide variety of postgraduate and doctorate degrees in the disciplines that are mentioned below:
Arts, Education, Human Development, Communications, Education, Human Movement, Recreation and Performance, Psychology and Counselling, Public Promotion and Action, Faculty of Business and Law, Multidisciplinary Degrees (MBA, DBA etc.), Accounting and Finance, Applied Economics, Hospitality, Tourism and Marketing, Information systems, Laws, Administration, Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences, Health Sciences, Nursing, Chemical Sciences, Computer Science and Mathematics, Biomedicine and Molecular Sciences, Food Sciences, Life sciences, Applied Physic, Structural, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Electricity and Electronic Engineering, Environmental engineering, safety and risks.
TAFE courses: Consider your study options within the following areas: engineering, multimedia, business, computing, construction, accounting, hospitality and tourism, hairdressing, nursing, community services, sports, science and more.


The centre of the research activities of the university is instituted by a group of centres that includes:

  • Tourism and Services Research Centre
  • Centre for Environmental Safety and Risk Engineering
  • Centre for Strategic Economic Studies
  • Labour Education Research Centre
  • Centre on Aging, Rehabilitation, Exercise and Sports Science
  • Telecommunications and Microelectronics Centre
  • Institute of Community Ethnicity and Alternative Policies
  • Institute of Sustainability and Innovation
  • Institute of Logistics and Administration of the Supply Chain

Areas of Focus in Research

Preference will be given to the following areas of attention in strategic research:

Art, Education and Human Development

Education, Access and Transition
Vocational, work and problem-based learning, participation with disadvantaged young people, educational and social, experimental learning, ICT and pedagogy, collaborative professional research and literacy and education in mathematics and science.

Social Inclusion, Cultural Diversity and Welfare
Refugees, diasporas and racism; migration and establishment; languages ​​and communication; community and health psychology.

Sports, Exercise Science and Active Life
Physiology and metabolism of exercise, rehabilitation exercises, biomechanics, high performance, sociocultural aspects of exercise and sports and sports psychology.


The University has campuses and centres located in the suburbs of the West of Melbourne and in the centre of the city. All the buildings of the university have modern facilities, the latest technology, up-to-date laboratories and apparatus, and a wide range of sporting and recreational facilities with ample space to relax and enjoy campus life.

Facilities and services

The university has a range of facilities and services to support learning and help you get the most out of your college life.

Facilities: Use recreation facilities, restaurants, convention centres, prayer rooms, computer labs and other facilities.

Counselling and Guidance: Free and confidential advice, orientation to the international student adaptation and constant support.

Service and care for children: Our centres offer care for children from 3 months to 6 years, with integrated kindergarten program.

Training and employment services: Prepare for work or find a job through vocational guidance and workshops.

Health and personal services: Attend one of our clinics or receive advice on lifestyle, nutrition, family planning, pregnancy and other health issues.

Housing service: Live in a residence of the University or get help to find another home.

Sports and Fitness: Improve your health, physical or athletic career, taking advantage of our sports facilities and activities.

Support for differently abled students: Get the support you need to participate daily in all activities and aspects of university life.

Student Service Centre: General inquiries or requests related to enrolment, fees or other administrative services.


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