University of Technology Sydney

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has its origin in the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts that was founded in 1833. Over the years this institution evolved and merged with others until it acquired its current name and form in 1990. Nowadays it is an innovative centre that offers education based on practice and a leading research activity.

It emphasizes its marked international character, which grants a high degree of diversity to its students since 36% of the students come from non-English speaking environments. Its campus is characterized by an active cultural life that fits perfectly into the vibrant scene of the city. The practice of sports is also very important for its students, who have excellent facilities.

The institution pursues a quality higher education, improving professional practice and offering a service to the community to “allow its students to reach their full personal and work potential”. Thus, through a policy that promotes learning, research and creative training, it “contributes to the advancement and integration of knowledge, professional skills and technology”.

Academically, its departments and study centres are organized into eight faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Health
  • UTS Business School
  • School of Design, Architecture and Building
  • law School
  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
  • School of Health
  • Science Faculty


The Housing Service of the University of Technology Sydney has five residential buildings (Gumal Ngurang, Geegal, Bulga Ngurra, Yura Mudang and Wattle Lane) to accommodate their students, who can choose between different accommodation options, from studio apartments to houses of up to six or more bedrooms.

The rates depend on the residence and the type of accommodation you choose. Obviously, the most expensive are the studio apartments while a space in a shared eight-bedroom apartment implies a considerably lower cost. The application for a place is online and the selection is based on academic, geographical, economic and disability criteria.

There is also the option of living off campus. In this case, the Housing Service maintains a database with properties that are rented, real estate agents and resources to find a house. In addition, the students of the UTS have reserved places in the residential complexes Urbanest and Unilodge.


The University of Technology Sydney considers that the language should not be a problem for any student, so apart from establishing linguistic entrance requirements, it offers two assistance programs for students who have problems with English.

Academic Language and Learning Group – It is organized by the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML) and works with teachers to offer students help, tutorials and workshops on the specific vocabulary of some disciplines.

Higher Education Language and Presentation Support (HELPS) – It is directly aimed at students with problems with the language and includes a wide variety of activities such as one-day workshops, personal tutoring, academic writing courses, conversation activities …

In addition to these two programs, the university offers a 24-credit course called Academic English Program, from which students can select individual subjects to enrol as a complement to their studies.


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