University of Queensland

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has its origins in 1849, but its current name was not used until 1989. Its history is dotted with centres dedicated to artistic and technical education, which along with training colleges and various institutions of advanced education were merged to give place to the institution that is today.

It is a university with a clear social conscience and concern for educational quality. Its main mission is “to provide the community with benefits in the form of teaching, research, technology and services”. Specifically, with regard to teaching and learning, the university wants to “ensure that its graduates have the knowledge, professional competence, sense of community responsibility and ability to continue their personal and professional development throughout their lives”.

As for research, it places special emphasis on the needs of nearby communities and the knowledge linked to the professions. Its mission to improve nearby communities includes the development of Australia’s international responsibility and competitiveness.

Its facilities are distributed on three campuses:

Gardens Point – Central and next to all the amenities of downtown Brisbane

Kelvin Grove – Located on the top of a hill north of Brisbane ten minutes from downtown

Caboolture – Located in the town of Caboolture, one of the most flourishing of the area, halfway between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast

The cultural and sports activities are very important in the QUT. Therefore, their students enjoy facilities to develop all kinds of activities and organize associations and groups that allow them to launch various initiatives. In this sense, the Cultural Gardens Predict, the centre of arts of the university that has become one of the most important focuses of the cultural life of Brisbane, is remarkable. Within it are the Gardens Theatre and the QUT Art Museum.


The Technology University of Queensland does not have facilities to house its students, but it has some services to help them in the search for housing and assist them in case of problems. The main tools are a database with flats and rooms available for rent and a website with advice on prices, areas, types of accommodation. You can also use a list of different residences and search resources for accommodation. In addition, the university has a portal especially dedicated to those students who decide to live in the home of an Australian.


The QUT International College (QUTIC) offers programs for learning English to help international students meet the entrance requirements for university programs and improve their English with professional academic personnel. The courses offered are full-time and require exclusive dedication to language learning. However, if you are already studying at university and want to strengthen your language skills while continuing your studies, you have some resources. The Academic Language and Learning Services offers academic writing workshops that you can attend without registering. The students who are culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) are encouraged to participate in these programs. This same department also offers a free individual tutoring program in which students can deal with their language problems. On the other hand, some faculties organize their own English courses for students of certain academic areas.


Just like accommodation, the students have to arrange for completing their assignments on their own. The university helps them to get the books and the information but they actually rate the assignments created by the students. So, the students are supposed to work on their assignments on their own. However, the students cannot always work on them due to various causes as a restraint of time, lack of knowledge of expertise of the subject or even the lack of writing skills. Therefore, students may feel helpless when it comes to making different assignments.

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