University of Adelaide

To speak of the University of Adelaide is to speak about the third oldest university in Australia. Established in 1874, this institution of higher education is distinguished by a firm commitment to quality teaching and research excellence, as well as an intense relationship with the industrial world and its socio-economic environment.

Since its inception, the university has distinguished itself by its ability to innovate and its constant renewal. It was, in 1881, the first Australian university to admit women into its training programs, which places it in this aspect ahead of European pioneers, such as the historic Oxford and Cambridge.

It is divided into five faculties and stands out in the areas of Enology and Food Science; Health Sciences; Biology; Natural Sciences; Information Technology and Communications; Environmental Sciences, and Social Sciences.

It is the “cradle” of five Nobel prizes and a member of the Group of Eight, a consortium that brings together the most outstanding Australian universities, along with the lines of the American Ivy League. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard or Leo Blair, the father of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, also passed through its classrooms.

The institution strives to be more than an academic campus for its students. The college life is strong and active, with space for sporting activity, association, coexistence and communication. Two examples of this are the importance of the Adelaide University Union, which for more than a century has represented ” the voice of students ” in the university, and Radio Adelaide, the station where students and workers of the institution provide their services and which reaches 60,000 listeners.


The luminaries of the University of Adelaide have four accommodation options during their stay at the university.

Residences of the university – They are managed by the Accommodation Service and are the most recommended option for students who arrive at the city. There are four different residences and the application for a place is done online well in advance.

Residences of associated students – The university has an agreement with five independent residences to house its students. Generally, they include full board and the application for a seat is done independently for each of them.

Residences of private students – It includes residences and student apartments managed by private companies independent of the university. Among all of them, the Urbanest recommends Accommodation Service.

Floors in the private sector – They allow for a more independent lifestyle and are preferred by students in more advanced courses, but sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find a good offer if you are new to the city. The university has a database with flats for rent.

On the Accommodation Service website, you can find a table summarizing the characteristics and prices of each type of accommodation.


The University of Adelaide offers several help programs with English for its foreign students. The main ones are:

Language and Cultural Exchange. It is organized by the Centre for International Studies and seeks to facilitate interaction and exchange between foreign and local students, who are paired to teach each other their mother tongues.

Talking with Aussies – Local citizens volunteer to guide and help international students upon their arrival in the country and practice English with them.

Writing Center – Offers free academic learning and language courses and resources for international students.

In addition, some faculties organize their own support programs with English, some of them also open to students from other faculties.


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