University of Melbourne

Founded in 1853, the University of Melbourne is one of the oldest educational institutions in Australia, which has established itself as one of the best in the world over the years. This is mainly due to its effective administrative system; its genuine vision of the future, its global academic focus and a realistic vision of all the disciplines it imparts.

Its advent is marked with the early days of the Victoria colony. Its promoter was Finance Minister Hugh Childers and the money for the start-up of the centre was obtained thanks to the gold mining in Victoria. The first four classes taught at the University of Melbourne were Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Modern History and Literature, and Political Economy.

Its main campus is in Parkville, an area north of the central district of Melbourne. It has four more secondary campuses in this city: Burnley, Southbank, Hawthorn and Werribee. Distributed by the state of Victoria has three others: Creswick, Dookie and Shepparton. Adding all the facilities of the university, there are eight hospitals, more than a hundred centres and research institutes and one of the largest libraries in the southern hemisphere.

Victoria’s governors, five governors-general, four Australian prime ministers and numerous relevant figures at the regional and national levels were once here as the students in their classrooms. At the international level, eight Nobel prizes stand out, that include biologist Elizabeth Blackburn, virologist Frank Macfarlane Burnet and neurophysicist John Carew Eccles.

The University of Melbourne gives students various accommodation options, which vary from one campus to another. In total, it has 11 colleges that host undergraduate and graduate students. At the time of requesting an accommodation, you must send the registration to the college that you like, and in case you do not have a place in it, the request will automatically be sent to your next preferences.

The registration is done online on the website of the university and must be supplemented well in advance. If you are accepted into one of the colleges, it is also possible to request financial aid to finance your accommodation, but this varies from one residence to another, so it is best to check it on the college’s website.

Another option is to rent shared flats in the private sector. Around the campuses the offer is numerous and the university offers a database where numerous offers of available properties are collected.

Finally, you can also choose to live in the home of an Australian family, this is what is called homestay. If you are interested in this option, on the web college You have information on prices and some agencies that can help you find a family.

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