COIT 20252 | Business Process Management | E-portfolio

Assessment task

Your portfolio should capture rich ideas, resources and innovative practice around Business Process Management within the context of the topics (Business Process Strategy & Organisational Processes and Structure, Business Process Performance Management & Business Process Management and Business Process Analysis & Business Process Modelling).

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COIT20265 | Networks and Information Security CQU | Information Security

Task Description

This is the major piece of assessment for this unit where you are required to provide a technical report on your network security project. For this assessment, you are required to work on a project as a group with up to four team members. Please contact the unit coordinator if you have a genuine problem and are unable to participate in a group.

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CSC8422 | Web Data Visualization Assignment 1 | Web App Development

Assignment 1 — Project Description

Answer the following questions. Use 1 or 2 paragraphs per answer. Clearly structure your document through use of HTML5 header and list elements. Images are not required in this first assignment. However, if you include them in your HTML page, be sure to add the image files to the Git repository.

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NRSG258 | Acute Care Nursing | Australian Catholic University

If, after reading through this guide, you still have questions please post on the relevant forum. If you are still unsure then please contact your campus specific lecturer to arrange to discuss your assignment. Please bring these guidelines to any meeting and highlight the areas about which you are still unsure..

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