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ME502 | Digital Communications | METLAB

Assignment Description:

The purpose of this assignment is to motivate students to seek application of waveform coding techniques for digital audio transmission and digital audio recording. The assignment has two parts: Part A and Part B.

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Fraud Triangle | Audit

There is need to research the accounting scandal involving Steinhoff International, their external auditors Deloitte and an investigation by German authorities into their published financial statements.  Then answer the following questions.

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MMK737 | Applied marketing communication and evaluation and recommendation report for Rhapsody Rooms | Marketing

The purpose of Part A is to give you guidance very quickly in the semester on your approach to completing the assignment. You will get feedback on your approach to addressing the assignment and a sample of your proposed answer. You will then have time to modify Part B which is 4000 words and the major part of the assignment.

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HSH702 | Assessment Task 1 – Parliamentary Submission | Health

In Week 3 we will be looking at the concept of Health in All Policies (HiAP).

Scenario: For this assessment, imagine that there is currently a parliamentary inquiry into each of the four issues below. You, as an engaged citizen and someone knowledgeable about health, have decided to make a submission.

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PPMP 20011 | Commercial Project Negotiation for Project Managers | Ppmp

  • Qld Health Payroll
  • Practical Assessment 1: Projects Negotiation and Conflict Report
  1. The Projects;

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CIS1000 I | Part A (Database Management System) | Database management systems

Your firm’s Systems Analyst has developed a database structure that has been determined to be suitable to create a database to store Dr Wagner’s customer, item, supplier and order data for the business, which has been provided as follows:

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CSC8422 | Web Data Visualization Assignment 1 | Web App Development

Assignment 1 — Project Description

Answer the following questions. Use 1 or 2 paragraphs per answer. Clearly structure your document through use of HTML5 header and list elements. Images are not required in this first assignment. However, if you include them in your HTML page, be sure to add the image files to the Git repository.

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COIT20268 | Assignment2 Responsive Web Design | Responsive Web Design

What You Need to D

The Individual Case Project specified in Portfolio 2 is a continuation from Portfolio 1.

At the end of each week, you will complete a different section of the given project as specified in the above section. Each of the weekly Individual Case Project will contribute progressively toward the completion of the given website project.

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COIT20261 | Assignment 1 Network Routing and Switching | Network Routing and Switching

Question 1 – Address usage                                                                         (3 marks)

Consider the following classless address block:

Listthe addresses from this block that would be used as:

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Assignment 1 Linux | Linux

Question 1. (10 marks)

Create a subdirectory in your home directory and put a file welcome.txt with a short message, in the subdirectory.
Try to

  • set the permission bits so that the owner has executable access.
  • make the subdirectory the current directory

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Nursing Assignment Sample | Health


The case study that has been provided for the purpose of this research paper pertains to a three year old boy named Elias. The patient has been referred to the hospital by their GP for investigation of having a history of malaise, irritability and delayed motor development. The child is accompanied by his parents and younger brother. The family is relatively new in Australia and has limited understanding of the English language.

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Task 1: Reflection on Hands-On Projects (5 Marks)

Complete the following Hands-On Projects at the end of Chapter 1 in the textbook (Nelson, Phillips, & Steuart, 2015):
Hands-On Project 1-1
Hands-On Project 1-2
Hands-On Project 1-3
Hands-On Project 1-4

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    1. Compare and contrast three data encryption standards for WiMAX networks? [4 marks]
    2. How is the traffic coordinated in shared wireless medium? Explain additional methods to reduce collisions in shared wireless medium. [4 marks]
    3. Read the two recent research papers on the topic of Internet of Things (IoT) as saved in the resources folder; please give your critical reflection on the topic of Energy Harvest. [4 marks]
    4. Telestra is a company that is licensed to provide wired telecommunication services in Australia. The company has contracted Exetel to assist it with the selection and implementation of a new field service system. The goal is to provide service technicians with wireless access to the corporate network and a vast electronic library of technical manuals and schematic diagrams, which would reduce or eliminate the need for staff to carry a large number of books and drawings, especially while servicing equipment underground or when climbing on transmission towers. In addition, this means that the technicians would be able to immediately read and update the records for all the equipment, thereby avoiding massive amounts of paperwork as well as potential errors and omissions. However, the company is having trouble deciding on which technology to adopt- handheld cellular, tables with 3G/4G/5G access, or notebooks equipped with cellular cards. Exetel has asked you to help.

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