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SIT719 | Security and Privacy Issues in Analytics | Information Technology

You need to write up to a 2,500 – 3000-word technology assessment report. Your report must include an implementation guide, or develop a software package to implement a privacy protocol.

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MAN508 | Organisational Strategy And Leadership | Management

This postgraduate unit introduces the major themes, principles, and practices of strategic management. The unit critically reviews a number of strategic management models and emphasizes the importance of effective leadership. It also explores the role of leadership in developing sound and effective organizational strategy.

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32555 | Best Real Estate Agency | Management

Best Real Estate Agency is an all-Australian, family business and has been since the beginning. It is owned and managed by two generations of the same family. Our agents are experienced local property experts who know the local property market, and know and love their community. It’s our local expertise and our way of dealing with clients that brings people back to Best Real Estate Agency.

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ACC515 | Finance and Accounting Assignment 3 and 4 | Accounts

This assessment is worth 15% of the total subject assessment and is marked out of 100.

Part A (40 Marks)

Saturn Petcare Australia and New Zealand is Australia’s largest manufacturer of pet care products. Saturn have been part of the Australian and New Zealand pet care landscape since opening their first manufacturing facility in Albury Wodonga in 1966.

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COIT20245 | Console Application Assignment 2 | Java


In this assignment, you are to implement a console application that supports simple BMI (Body Mass Index) analysis functionality. A phased implementation approach is recommended; refer to Appendix 2 for further details.

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MGMT6011 | Consultative Report | Management


  • Apply strategic management theory into practice;
  • Development understanding of theories, concepts and models to support operations frm a strategic perspective;
  • Identify and analyse strategic issues;
  • Assess organisational strengths and limitations

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MGMT6013 | Policy Proposal Report | Management

  • Develop innovative approaches and creative thinking;
  • Clearly describe the process used to analyse strategic issues;
  • Develop awareness of ethical and social considerations for strategic solutions;
  • Enhance global perspectives for strategy;

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MGMT6013 | Critique and Risk Assessment Report | Management


  • Develop innovative approaches and creative thinking;
  • Clearly describe the process used to analyse strategic issues;
  • Develop awareness of ethical and social considerations for strategic solutions;
  • Enhance global perspectives for strategy;
  • Awareness of ethical and social considerations for strategic issues;
  • Assess organisational strengths and limitations.

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MGT530 | Forum Participation | Management


For most topics in this subject you will find an associated “Topic Activity” task. You are encouraged to post a response to each of these questions. You are also encouraged to make additional posts in response to other students’ postings or to raise issues and to stimulate dialogue. You should ensure that your posts address all parts of the forum question, however the length of the posting is not crucial.

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BSBWOR502 | Assignment 3 Report Writing | Management

Assessment Objective

The candidate will demonstrate skills and knowledge required for liaising with stakeholders about the performance of the group.

A timeframe for Assessment Tasks

–           As specified in your timetable

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BSBWOR502 | Assignment 1 Lead and manage team effectiveness | Management

Assessment Task 1 – Case study/Role play

Assessment Objective

The student will demonstrate skills and knowledge required for establishing a team performance plan.

A timeframe for Assessment Tasks

As specified in your timetable.

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SWM5102 | Critical Reflection on the Life Span | Management


This assessment task relates to outcomes 1,2, and 8 for this unit:

  1. Describe and identify the specific biopsychosocial developmental needs that arise in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood to inform direct social work practice with individuals and families.

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Assessment 2 (project)

Assessment is a process where the skills and knowledge that you have gained is collected and compared to Information and Communications Technology Training Package competencies.

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HI6026 | Auditing Assignment Question | Other


140.2 says that A Member shall maintain confidentiality, including in a social environment, being alert to the possibility of inadvertent disclosure, particularly to a close business associate or a Close or Immediate Family member (Professional Standards Councils, 2001).

It is nowhere mentioned in the code of ethics that one can use client’s information even after removing the references which can relate the information to the client.  According to section 140.1.

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LAWS20061 | Management Law | Management

Final Written Assessment

This is a group assessment and up to three students are allowed in a group.

The total value of this assessment is 30%.

This subject gives an understanding of the key topics and concepts of law related to management in an engineering context. The material is contextualized and integrated with management decision making.

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