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ME606 | Digital Signal Processing | Engineering


The objective of this assessment is for each student to undertake investigative review of literature and study the techniques for image analysis using a discrete transform. A significant number of discrete transforms may be used for image analysis including the discrete cosine, discrete sine, discrete Fourier transform, Walsh and Hadamard transforms. This assessment is limited to the application of only one of these transforms.

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Assignment 1 | Cryptography

Security professionals need to ensure that they keep up to date with the latest threats and security issues. This allows them to update their risk profiles, such as identifying if their systems are vulnerable. In order to determine what the risk to an organisation is, you need to know what the problems could be.

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HRM503 | International Human Resource Management | Human Resource management

Strategic Human Resource Management (SH RM) plays a significant role in organizational effectiveness (Gallup Consulting, 2010; Prefer & Vega, 1999). It is therefore important to adopt SH RM, as opposed to traditional Human Resource Management (HRM), for effective HR decision-making within an organization.

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Usability Engineering | Information technology

Important Instructions

You must work in groups. The recommended (and minimum) group size is 3 and the maximum is 4. Only one submission should be made per group. Make sure that every group member’s name is on the submission.

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COSC2531 | Programming Fundamentals | Programming

This is a group assignment and worth 20% of your final grade. The grading is based on both demonstration and final code submission. Each group may consist of 2-3 students. You must demonstrate your assignment in your timetabled practical class prior to your final submission.

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ITC 542 | Security fundamentals | Information Technology

This assessment aims to develop and gauge student understanding of the key topics covered so far by answering the following questions. Answering these questions will help you build some understanding for the next assessment item as well as for the entire subject. It is expected that answers to the assignment questions be succinct (i.e. precise and concise) with all sources of information fully referenced as per APA referencing style.

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MGT530 | International Business Report. | Management


This Major Assignment is in two parts and together creates a complete International Business Report. This assessment item is Part 1 of this report.

Your task is to:

  • Choose an organisation
  • Select an overseas country of your choice

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MRKT20052 | Marketing Management and Digital Communications Presentation | Marketing Management

Task Description

This assessment task requires you to conduct a situational analysis that consists of a comprehensive external and internal analysis for a new product or service from the pre-determined list available in the unit’s Moodle page (see assessment section). This assessment sets the foundations for assessment 2. You are required to prepare a 5 minute PowerPoint presentation that includes a maximum of 10 slides (including title and reference slides).

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COIT20249 | Assignment 4 Professional Skills in Information Communication Technology | Professional Skills


This assignment is designed to develop a portfolio of resources that you can use during your degree. The compilation of your Portfolio is progressive throughout the term. Please refer to the Unit Profile to see how this assessment item relates to the Unit Learning Outcomes.

These objectives will be measured by the ‘closeness of fit’ to meeting the assessment requirements and the marking criteria.

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HNCB033 | Civil Engineering Technology in Construction and the Built Environment | Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering Technology in Construction and the Built Environment

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HNCB3 | Building Mathematics | Mathematics


Scenario 1

 You have been contracted as a mathematical consultant to solve and confirm a number of mathematical problems/solutions for projects on a major contract

  1. A building services engineer is to design a water tank for a project. The tank has a rectangular area of 26.5m2.

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Assessed Learning Outcomes

This assignment will assess the following module learning outcomes.

LO1 – Critically evaluate technology (software and hardware) used during the investigation of digital crime

LO2 – Critically evaluate tools, techniques and issues related to the recovery of digital evidence

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Macroeconomics Assignment Brief | Other

Cost push inflation

The cost is important for the production process. Increase in cost will ultimately increase the price of product. Cost-pull inflation is the result in of increased cost of product and leads to fall in the productivity of the country.

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Cross cultural differences CSU Assignment | Other

Human resource management is one of the most prioritised departments in an organisation, who actually works as a thread among the departments. Human resource also enables the workforce of an organisation by enabling motivation or training to the employees. However, this process differs in cross cultural environments. This study has focused on human resource activities in cross cultural setups.

Culture has always been considered as a major dimension within the workplace, as it plays a distinguished role in the practices of human resource management. Cultural diversity within the organisations is potentially capable of influencing communication.

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Hi6006 | Competitive Strategy Group Assignment Sample | Other

Executive summary

In this report the globalizing the value proposition of Australian ICT sector has been discussed with reference to eServeglobal and infomedia. Different strategies related to value proposition of the companies have been discussed in a detailed manner. Global branding strategies of the car industry have also been discussed in the second segment of the report. Two major automobile manufacturers of Australia FPA Australia and Holden are taken under consideration for the discussion of global branding. Several aspects of global branding have been discussed with reference to these two companies.

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MGT202 | Organizational Behavior Assignment | Management

Assignment 1

You need to write an essay that analyzes a case study of any organization. You are expected to incorporate the topics are personality, attitude, emotions, and motivations.

Value – The value of this assessment is 20%

Word limit – 2500 words

Section-A overview ( 10 marks)

a. Background

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MGT703 | Knowledge Management Assignment | Management

In this assignment, you’re required to select an organization that successfully applied knowledge management solution. You are required to investigate the following:

1. Their knowledge management infrastructure: organization structure, culture, IT infrastructure and physical environment.
2. Technologies they used to simplify their knowledge management solutions.
3. Minimum two of their knowledge management systems: Discovery, capture, sharing or application systems.
4. The effect of their knowledge management solutions on: people, processes, products and organization performance.

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COAC216 | Cost Accounting Assignment | Account

Assessment 3 (Group report)

In this assessment, you are required to make a group of 2-3 students. The word limit for this assessment is 2000 words. The value of this assessment is 20% and total marks are 40.

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COIT20264 | Network Design Assignment | Networking

Network design is a network synthesis and aimed a new telecommunication network and service meets the requirements of the operator and subscriber.

This post will help you to understand and complete the assignment.

This assessment has two parts- PART A and PART B, in which part A includes presentations and part B include written assessment. The weighting of part A has 10% and part B has 30%.

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BSBRSK501 | Manage Risk Diploma Assessment | Management

Task 1


In this task, students are needed to define the risk situation related to creating a new business outlet within the current structure of the business. You need to examine external & internal environmental elements, get help for activities and communicate with significant stakeholders to define risks.


In this assessment, you have to give a particular business scenario; students are required to examine the business risk management procedure and define the opportunity and objectives, taking into account stakeholder & both external and internal environmental elements affecting the organization.

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  • Why is spread spectrum transmission used. Compare and contrast two common methods used for spread spectrum transmission. [4]
  • List different components of a radio system. What are different mixers? Explain different types of Mixers with diagram? [6]
  • local engineering group ask you to present your finding of the most recent advanced wireless technologies. Research these technologies in details and pay specific attention to how they are used as well their strengths and weakness.
  • Provide an opinion regarding which antenna types will become the dominant players in the future.
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    1. Compare and contrast three data encryption standards for WiMAX networks? [4 marks]
    2. How is the traffic coordinated in shared wireless medium? Explain additional methods to reduce collisions in shared wireless medium. [4 marks]
    3. Read the two recent research papers on the topic of Internet of Things (IoT) as saved in the resources folder; please give your critical reflection on the topic of Energy Harvest. [4 marks]
    4. Telestra is a company that is licensed to provide wired telecommunication services in Australia. The company has contracted Exetel to assist it with the selection and implementation of a new field service system. The goal is to provide service technicians with wireless access to the corporate network and a vast electronic library of technical manuals and schematic diagrams, which would reduce or eliminate the need for staff to carry a large number of books and drawings, especially while servicing equipment underground or when climbing on transmission towers. In addition, this means that the technicians would be able to immediately read and update the records for all the equipment, thereby avoiding massive amounts of paperwork as well as potential errors and omissions. However, the company is having trouble deciding on which technology to adopt- handheld cellular, tables with 3G/4G/5G access, or notebooks equipped with cellular cards. Exetel has asked you to help.

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Investigate the effectiveness of business information systems of the given case study. To do this, you are required to submit a complete report which includes a system vision document, resources required, stakeholder map and the broad feasibility of the project (i.e., risks).

Choose one of the case studies from the Interact2 Resources Section (which will be availbe prior to the start of the term) and use the case study to complete assessment item 1, assessment item 2, and assessment item 3.

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Programming Assignment #3 (covers array of records and unordered list searching)

A car rental company maintains records about the cars they rent in a file named RENTALS.TXT.
Data stored about each car includes: the license plate number, the mileage, and whether the car is currently rented, stored as follows:
Data Field Data Type

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Use Java FX to create a GUI Tic-Tac-Toe program. A Tic-Tac-Toe game is played in a 3 X 3 cells. Each player select one cell each time, and he/she wins if he/she occupies three consecutive cells horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

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e Drive-Rite Insurance Company provides automobile insurance policies for drivers. Design a flowchart or pseudo-code for the following:

a. A program that accepts insurance policy data, including a policy number; customer last name; customer first name; age; premium due month, day, and year; and number of driver accidents in the last three years. If an entered policy number is not between 1000 and 9999 inclusive, set the policy number to 0. If the month is not between 1 and 12 inclusive, or the day is not correct for the month.

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A student is a person, and so is an employee. Create the data attributes common to all persons (name, social security number, age, gender, address, and telephone number) and appropriate member function definitions. A student has a GPA, major, and year of graduation. An employee has a department, job title, and year of hire. In addition, there are hourly employees (hourly rate, hours worked, and union dues).

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1.Drug class hierarchy in which several classes are derived from a single base class..

2.Explain the difference between overriding and overloading a member function of a base class in a derived class..

3.Explain how in a private inheritance, the members of the base class are inherited by a derived class..

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Suppose the information content of a packet is the bit pattern 1111 1011 1001 1100 and an even parity scheme is being used. What would the value of the field containing the parity bits be for the case of a two-dimensional parity scheme? Your answer should be such that a minimum-length checksum field is used.

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