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Leadership and Strategic Development | Management

Using the Ashridge Sense of Mission Model analyse the case evidence to interpret whether Twitter’s strategy show signs of a weak or strong sense of mission. Using relevant strategic decision making theory, analyse Twitter’s existing strategic decisions to interpret if Twitter have pursued a deliberate or emergent strategy. In your answer.

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MBA502 | Individual Reflective Essay | Managament

This individual reflective assignment requires you to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Learning Outcomes 1 and 2, covering topics between Weeks 1 and 4. Follow the instructions below:Complete a self-assessment on Howard Gardner’s Basic Multiple Intelligences Test and Daniel Goleman’s EQ Instrument.

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COM4056 | Individual Problems and Case study on Secure Server Network | Systems Administration

Question 1: Which cryptography for a company in expansion? (20 points)

A successful financial company based in the North East is about to open a second office in the south of the country. The CEO decides to introduce “security” to the digital communications amongst staff but is unsure whether to use symmetric or public-key cryptography.

You are hired by the CEO to write a short report (1000 words max) advising the company.

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501 | Elevator Pitches & Case Discussions | Management


This task this assessment is primarily about ‘doing’ management work through structured conversations submitted on Turnitin. Your submitted conversations for this assessment involve critical thought about the knowledge gained in the subject and its practical application to solving real problems.

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Culture Shock | Management

This assessment requires you to write an essay in response to following question:

Explain the term ‘culture shock’ and discuss the IHRM policies and practices that could be used to manage this. In your response, outline an organisational example that has effectively managed ‘culture shock’.

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Fair Work Ombudsman in the Australian system | Management

Reference style – APA

Discuss the role and assess the effectiveness of the Fair Work Ombudsman in the Australian system of employment relations. 


  • explain and discuss some of the theories of employment relations;
  • discuss and assess the role of governments, unions and employers in the system of employment relations in Australia;

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  • To professionally implement an ICT-related project and communicate the analysis and evaluation with stakeholders;
  • To describe and demonstrate understanding of the project and how it supports a business or organisational need;

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Increasing use of Social Media Sites | Management

Increasing use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, provides employers and recruiters with a source of information about applicants. Recruiters may wish to have access to applicants’ social media sites to determine whether a candidate would be a good fit for the organisation.

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MGMT6000 | Dynamic Leadership | Management

Assessment Linkages of Assessment 1 and Assessment 2:

Insights and understandings obtained in Assessment 1 will suggest themes that will be developed further in preparing a personal development plans in Assessment 2 of the assessment which is due at the end of the subject.

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PPMP20013 | PPMP Project Management 3 | Project Management

Task Description


In this unit you are required to complete a weekly portfolio. A portfolio provides evidence of previous experience and presents a dynamic record of your growth and professional learning over the duration of this unit. Your portfolio provides an account of your learning based on your practice and your critical reflection.

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PPMP 20012 | PPMP Project management 2 | Project management

Task Description

In this unit you are required to complete a weekly portfolio. A portfolio provides evidence of previous and current experience and presents a dynamic record of your growth and professional learning over the duration of this unit. Your portfolio will provide an account of your learning based on your practice and your critical reflection.

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PPMP20011 | PPMP Project management | Project management

Assignment Overview

This assignment is to be completed individually.

This assessment item requires you to consider:-

  • project negotiation, conflict management, and stakeholder engagement across projects consisting of differing technology standards and asset lifecycles.


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MGMT6000 | Dynamic Leadership | Management


  • Reflect on your own leadership journey to date and identify key events, people and experiences that have contributed to your leadership development and self-perceptions;
  • Increase self-awareness by completing a personality or leadership styles assessment, for example Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI);

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Part 1 Executive Summary & Introduction (15 points)

You have to provide an executive summary which states the problem, how it was examined, what was found, and what the finding means. The introduction may consist the company’s background related to business structure, services, operations and all other business activity that is conducted etc.

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MN405 | Data and Information Management Assignment | Management

Question 1: Designing a database using the Ms-Access.

Question 2: Implementing the SQL Commands

Question 3: Normalisation

The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body) font and 2.5 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings. Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using IEEE referencing style.

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HC2022 | Marketing Research Sample | Marketing


As the global environment is changing so that the companies need to plan the business ways in such an aspect so that it can be technologically advanced and the marketing research possibilities fulfil every criteria in positive manner. The marketing research technique will evaluate the different principles as the world is becoming one market and capital technology transfer in various ways (Nkhomaet al. 2013).

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BSBADM502 | Manage Meetings Assessment Guide | Management

Written Questions

Question 1 (Develop agenda in line with stated meeting purpose)

1a. Refer to page 935 of BSBADM502 Management Book. Outline three basic considerations for developing an effective meeting agenda.

1b. Consider your work role. Plan the standing items in a typical meeting agenda that you would attend or run.

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BSBINM601 | Manage Knowledge and Information | Management

Task 1


In this task you have to determine the skills and knowledge, it is essential to gain information to classify and examine business issues.


In this task, you have to give a scenario of particular business information in which you will source, collect and evaluate data and information and use formal and informal networks to classify and examine business issues and problems.

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BSBMGT616 | Development and Implement Strategic Plans | Management

Task 1


Students have to review the specified organization’s aim and values by reviewing the provided case study information as well as meeting with a key stakeholder in the case study organization. After reviewing things, revise the aim and mission statements to replicate the present status and direction of the specified organization, then inform the stakeholders to:

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Additional Assessment Instructions to Assessor:

Reasonable adjustment:  Trainers may make reasonable allowances for learners in accordance with the C&I Learner Support Policy contained in the Participant Handbook. This may relate to the timeframe for undertaking this assessment task in class or relate to an extension to the due date.  Consult with the Curriculum & Learning Manager prior to administering this assessment to ensure Learner Support needs are met.

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