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Presentation | Management

Academic research on consumer behaviour has been an important driving force behind business decisions in the real world. In this assessment task, you as a “consumer behaviour expert” will bring the latest consumer behaviour research into practice. First, please browse the following six research articles recently published in “Journal of Consumer Research.

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EPM5600 | Principles of Project Management | Project management

The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) is a national body that represents the interests of Project Management as a profession across all sectors and disciplines.  Its focus is on maintaining the professional reputation of Project Management as a philosophy, provides useful information to its members.

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Leadership and Strategic Development | Management

Assessment – Coursework

This graded assessment accounts for 100% of your final grade and comprises two separate assessment exercises: Part A & Part B which are both weighted equally at 50% of your final grade.

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PPMP20010 | Project status and control report | Project management

Project name:                A brief name to describe the project.

Date:                                Date of the current status report

Project ownership:      Area responsible for the project

Prepared by:                  Name and position

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INF60017 | Reflection Journals | Management

  • You need to write two (2) reflection journals
  • Journal 1: 1,000 words (10% of your final mark)
  • Journal 2: 2,000 words (20% of your final mark)
  • You need to submit a reflective journal covering different aspects of the course material, and your learning journey

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INF60017 | Assessment Tasks 3 | Management

In assignment 1 you have analysed an organisation and the role project management will play in this organisation. The aim of this assignment is to further use your understanding of the tensions between project management and entrepreneurship to identify the role project management play in start-up organisation.

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INF60017 | Assessment Tasks 1 | Management

The aim of this assignment is to create a very clear statement of project outcomes, to understand the technical and business drivers. And to state the requirements in a manner that can support investment and procurement decisions.

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SRM752 | Advanced Project Management | Project Management

Demonstrate your ability to critically examine impacts of project management ( P M g t ) practice/methodologies and techniques on modern, complex projects in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.

Evaluate PMgt practice/methodologies and various PMgt techniques, and recommend feasible techniques applicable to complex construction projects

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Role of Accounting Information Systems | Accounts


Business Plus Advisors are a well-established accounting firm located in Sydney, New South Wales. Some clients have approached Sally, the Managing Partner, seeking advice on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems. Sally would like you to undertake some research into CRM systems and their impact.

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Question 1 (20 marks)

Consolidation of a wholly owned subsidiary, pre-acquisition equity and BCVR entries for assets and liabilities Lisa Ltd acquired all the issued shares of Kam Ltd on 1 January 2016 for $88 000. At this date the equity of Kam Ltd consisted of.

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Part 1 Executive Summary & Introduction (15 points)

You have to provide an executive summary which states the problem, how it was examined, what was found, and what the finding means. The introduction may consist the company’s background related to business structure, services, operations and all other business activity that is conducted etc.

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Assignment 1 Accounting Software in Qantas Airline | Accounting

Part 1

  1. The current organizational structure: 3
  2. What operational problems (e.g., inefficiency, errors) do you think the organisation could experience because of this structure?. 4
  3. What is the most likely system acquisition method— commercial software, custom software, or ERP? 5
  4. Describes and prepare a system flowchart of the sales procedures for the chosen organisation (company)? 5
  5. Identify any control problems in the system and what sorts of fraud are possible in this system?

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BSBADM502 | Manage Meetings Assessment Guide | Management

Written Questions

Question 1 (Develop agenda in line with stated meeting purpose)

1a. Refer to page 935 of BSBADM502 Management Book. Outline three basic considerations for developing an effective meeting agenda.

1b. Consider your work role. Plan the standing items in a typical meeting agenda that you would attend or run.

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BSBMGT502 | Manage People Performance Diploma Assignment | Management

Task 1


The main objective of the task is to make able you to show your skills and understanding of performance management systems inside statutory and organizational guidelines.

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COIT20246 | ICT Services Management Assignment | Management


In this assessment, there are 10 tasks. You need to find two resources that describe IT service management features. Each resource summary should be about a maximum of 150 words.

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