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Fraud Triangle | Audit

There is need to research the accounting scandal involving Steinhoff International, their external auditors Deloitte and an investigation by German authorities into their published financial statements.  Then answer the following questions.

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COIT20256 | Swing Gui | Java

The purpose of this assessment item is to assess your skills attributable to the specified learning outcomes, and achieving the expected graduate attributes of advanced level knowledge, cognitive, technical, and creative skills, and professional level communication and self-management.

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COSC2531 | Programming Fundamentals | Programming

This is a group assignment and worth 20% of your final grade. The grading is based on both demonstration and final code submission. Each group may consist of 2-3 students. You must demonstrate your assignment in your timetabled practical class prior to your final submission.

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ITC 542 | Security fundamentals | Information Technology

This assessment aims to develop and gauge student understanding of the key topics covered so far by answering the following questions. Answering these questions will help you build some understanding for the next assessment item as well as for the entire subject. It is expected that answers to the assignment questions be succinct (i.e. precise and concise) with all sources of information fully referenced as per APA referencing style.

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PPMP 20011 | Commercial Project Negotiation for Project Managers | Ppmp

  • Qld Health Payroll
  • Practical Assessment 1: Projects Negotiation and Conflict Report
  1. The Projects;

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MGT530 | International Business Report. | Management


This Major Assignment is in two parts and together creates a complete International Business Report. This assessment item is Part 1 of this report.

Your task is to:

  • Choose an organisation
  • Select an overseas country of your choice

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FIT9131 | Gue55ing Game | JAVA


This assignment is due by 11pm Friday of Week 7 (20th April, 2018). It is worth 15% of the marks for your final assessment in this unit. Heavy penalties will apply for late submission. This is an individual assignment and must be your own work. You must attribute the source of any part of your code which you have not written yourself. Please note the section on plagiarism in this document.

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Wireless and Internet Technology | NETML


There will be five moderate-sized assignments which will all be submitted via the online peer-reviewed assessment system. The assignments will all be completed by means of an online network simulation system which makes use of the ns3 simulation system.

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CIS1000 I | Part A (Database Management System) | Database management systems

Your firm’s Systems Analyst has developed a database structure that has been determined to be suitable to create a database to store Dr Wagner’s customer, item, supplier and order data for the business, which has been provided as follows:

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/CIS1000-PART-A-DATABASE-MANAGEMENT-SYSTEM-DATABASE-MANAGEMENT-SYSTEMS-1.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

MCIS 5103 | Advanced Programming Concepts | JAVA


  1. The system shall ingest student_grades_input.txt (see next page). This comma delimited input text file contains the names and grades of 30 students. Each student has grades for six assignments: 3
  2. The system shall compute the final numerical grade for each student using the following:

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Multi Threading Model | Java

Java multi-threading model and client/server model are the fundamental Java components to build distributed applications. In this assignment, you are to develop programming skills of these components or models via a particular application – a simplified client/server information query system. The Java multithreading and client/server components have been introduced through weekly lectures.

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ITC538 | Final Exam Java| Java


To assess students’ understanding of the fundamental concepts of the subject material; their ability to integrate and apply information from various topics; and to apply their understanding and knowledge to simple problems.

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ITC538 | Application of Programming in Java | Java


Assessment 3 has 20 marks in total. Marks will be scaled according to the value of the assignment.

Assessment 3 has four Tasks. Task 1, Task 2, Task3 and Task4 as below.

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ITC538 | Designing Object Oriented Program | Java


Assessment 2 has 20 marks in total. Marks will be scaled according to the value of the assessment.

There are two tasks in assessment 2, Task 1 and Task 2 as below.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/ITC538-DESIGNING-OBJECT-ORIENTED-PROGRAM-JAVA.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

COIT20265 | Capstone Project Case Study | Networks and Information Security Project

The First National University (FNU) Background

The First National University (FNU) is a major public higher education institution. It was the first higher education institution in the country to launch distance education and more recently online programs. Apart from its main Campus, the University has operations in five (5) regional campuses (RCs) and ten (10) metropolitan campuses (MCs).

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/COIT20265-CAPSTONE-PROJECT-CASE-STUDY-NETWORKS-AND-INFORMATION-SECURITY-PROJECT.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

Java Program | Basic Algorithms in Java | Java Assignment Help


Assessment 1 has total 10 marks. Marks will be scaled according to the value of the assignment. There are two tasks in assessment 1 as below:

Task 1: Value 5 Marks

Write a complete Java program with the following specifications.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/JAVA-PROGRAM-BASIC-ALGORITHMS-IN-JAVA-JAVA-ASSIGNMENT-HELP.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

CSC8422 | Web Data Visualization Assignment 1 | Web App Development

Assignment 1 — Project Description

Answer the following questions. Use 1 or 2 paragraphs per answer. Clearly structure your document through use of HTML5 header and list elements. Images are not required in this first assignment. However, if you include them in your HTML page, be sure to add the image files to the Git repository.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/CSC8422-WEB-DATA-VISUALIZATION-ASSIGNMENT-1-WEB-APP-DEVELOPMENT.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

COIT20249 | Assignment 3 Professional Skills in Information Communication Technology | Professional Skills

Assessment Task

The report is to be based on the following case study scenarioabout 3D Printing technology.

Three Dimensional (3D) Printing Technology is a process where materials are joined together under the control of a computer to make a physical object. Typically the object is printed by laying down many thin layers of a materialthat jointogether to create a 3D object.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/COIT20249-ASSIGNMENT-3-PROFESSIONAL-SKILLS-IN-INFORMATION-COMMUNICATION-TECHNOLOGY-PROFESSIONAL-SKILLS.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

COIT20249 | Assignment 4 Professional Skills in Information Communication Technology | Professional Skills


This assignment is designed to develop a portfolio of resources that you can use during your degree. The compilation of your Portfolio is progressive throughout the term. Please refer to the Unit Profile to see how this assessment item relates to the Unit Learning Outcomes.

These objectives will be measured by the ‘closeness of fit’ to meeting the assessment requirements and the marking criteria.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/COIT20249-ASSIGNMENT-4-PROFESSIONAL-SKILLS-IN-INFORMATION-COMMUNICATION-TECHNOLOGY-PROFESSIONAL-SKILLS.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

CO4403 | Object-Oriented Software Development | JAVA

In this assignment you will design and develop a JavaSE desktop City Guide Application. You may decide the focus of the application, for example it could be for reviewing restaurants or hotels or landmarks or for multiple purposes. The user should be able to add new items (restaurants, hotels etc.) to the guide with a title, location, picture and type.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/CO4403-OBJECT-ORIENTED-SOFTWARE-DEVELOPMENT-JAVA.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

HNCB | Construction Technology | Construction

Unit Learning Outcomes

LO1 Discuss the terminology used in construction technology.

LO2 Describe the different techniques used to construct a range of substructures and superstructures, including their function and design selection criteria.

LO3 Identify the different types of civil engineering infrastructure technology used in support of buildings.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/HNCB-CONSTRUCTION-TECHNOLOGY-CONSTRUCTION.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

COS70006 | Object Oriented Programming | Java

Project Description

A small system is required that will allow students to register themselves into a lab for a subject that they are studying for. You are required to write the exactly following 4 classes for the system.

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Assessment Task

You are to write a Java console application that calculates and classifies BMI (Body Mass Index) for individuals. The number of individuals (N) is fixed at 10, so it should be declared as final int N = 10 in your program.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/COIT20245-ASSIGNMENT-1-JAVA-JAVA.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


Assessed Learning Objectives

LO3 – Analyse, interpret and report on digital evidence

LO4 – Use and extend a technical vocabulary necessary to interact with stakeholders in a digital forensic investigation

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/CO4514-DIGITAL-FORENSIC-TECHNOLOGY-ASSIGNMENT-2-DIGITAL-FORENSIC.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


Assignment 2: Rendering Project
Assignment 2: Popping your drawings

3616 of total grade
Must be submitted before the .e Date specified at the bottom of this page CHM Standards Met:
6d) express ideas clearly Mrough visual media (ideation drawings a. sketches)
6e) produce presentation drawings across a range of appropriate

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/RENDERING-PROJECT-DRAWING.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


Wireless and Internet Technology Assignment 1


There will be five moderate-sized assignments which will all be submitted via the online peer-reviewed assessment system. The assignments will all be completed by means of an online network simulation system which makes use of the ns3 simulation system.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/CSC3420-WIRELESS-AND-INTERNET-TECHNOLOGY-NETML.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


Task                                                                                                                         Total marks: 30

Answer the following Questions

Question 1

    1. a) Determine the value of base if (211)x = (6A)16 [5 marks]
    2. b) Convert the followings: [3+3=6 marks]
    3. OxBAD into a decimal number
    4. 58810 into a 3-base number
    5. c) Given a (very) tiny computer that has a word size of 6 bits, what are the smallest negative numbers and the largest positive numbers that this computer can represent in each of the following representations? [3 +3 = 6 marks]
    6. One’s complement
    7. Two’s complement

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/ITC544-DATA-REPRESENTATION-AND-DIGITAL-LOGIC-ASSIGNMENT-1-INFORMATION-TECHNOLOGY.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]