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FINC20018 | Group Assignment | Finance


Part  is based on a case study and will assess your research, analytical and written skills as well as your understanding of share valuation techniques. The topic draws from material covered in Week 6 – Chapter 10 Share Valuations.

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ACC00716 | Business Case Studies 1 | Finance

This assignment has a 25% weighting in your overall mark for this unit and focuses on content from Topics 3, 4 and 5. It will be marked out of 25. Your total assignment submission will consist of a word document that should not exceed 1,000 words (excluding the reference list), plus a spreadsheet submission.

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The Misbehavior of Markets | Finance

The Misbehavior of Markets

  1. Write a python program(s) to download end-of-day data last 25 years the major global stock market indices from Yahoo! Finance–
  • Dow Jones Index (USA)
  • S&P 500 (USA)

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Financial Accounting | Finance

Question 1 [20 marks]

Topic 1: Consolidation: Principles and accounting requirements

On 1 July 2017, Patience Ltd acquired all the issued shares of Silence Ltd for a cash consideration of $1,000,000. At that date, the financial statements of Silence Ltd showed the following information.

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HES6793 | Assignment One Construction Law | Law


You are the Principal Engineering Consultant employed by  Brownwood Mining and Power ( BMP). BMP operates a large open cut mine which has been established for some 50 years  and is close to residential areas. As the mine is quite old it is not very profitable to operate.

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BUACC5936 | Financial Management Assignment | Finance

Part   A  (10 marks)

Q1.i) what factors determine the expected return of a portfolio? (5 marks)

Q1.ii) Distinguish between selection and allocation in the context of portfolio management. (5 marks)

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BSBFIM501 | Manage Budgets and Financial Plans | Finance

It containing planning and executing financial management approaches, observing and controlling finances and reviewing and assessing the effectiveness of financial management procedures.

Students are advised to read following guidelines carefully to get higher marks in their academics.

Students will need to accomplish four tasks to complete this assessment.

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COIT20250 | E-business Systems Assignment Guide | Management

Assessment 3

The value of this assessment is 50% and word limit is 3500 words.

Assessment objectives

This assessment item relates t course earning outcomes:

1. Clarify   the latest improvements in industry  of e-business and its possible future directions

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