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HC2121 | Comparative Business Ethics | Ethics

Provide a short introduction and conclusion (5 marks)

  • Outline and summarize the arguments made in the article including relevant background/history and consider any legal or sanction implications. (5 marks)

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MN504 | Networked Application Management | Networking

Assignment Description

A report containing a complete discussion and analysis of the given topic in the required context needs to be submitted on Moodle. The report must have following parts:

Part 1: Blockchain

The students explore network application management of Blockchain by reviewing the literature on the internet as papers, book chapters, and independent scholarly reports by experts, and research based videos. Students participating in the PBL are taught how to do the critical thinking for review of literature. At least three articles related to technology supporting Blockchain need to be analysed in depth by discussing the overall contribution, scope and limitations of each research work. Following aspects related to Blockchain must be discussed:

Architecture Features


Part 2: Applications of Blockchain

Students need to discuss at least one application in EACH of the following domains supported by



Smart contracts

Part 3: Socio-Technical aspects

The move of traditional computing and storage to decentralised Blockchain has a social bearing on its users and how they perceive these new applications. The socio-technical aspects of the applications mentioned in part 2 need to be discussed in detail.

Turnitin Submission

All assignments should be submitted via Turnitin and the similarity reports should be looked at carefully before the due-date, as students should make sure that there is no plagiarism of any type.

Virtualisation Technologies | Information Technology



This assessment item requires you to produce a short report by investigating and advising a company on some key topics and aspects of the use of virtualization technologies.

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INF11114 | Digital Business Environments | Management

This is a formal piece of work, worth 30% of your mark for the module.

Coursework 1 comprises preparatory work for an analysis that you will fully undertake for Coursework 2.  Coursework 1 sets the focus for that work, examining your selection of an appropriate organisation to study, your assessment of potential sources of data, the nature of the analytical approaches that you intend to undertake.

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