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CSC3400 & CSC8500 | Assignment 2 | Database

Relational Query Languages

Answer the following questions in a word processing document, export the doc-ument as a PDF le, and submit via the course web site. For mathematical symbols you can normally use the \Symbols” font that is available in your word processor. If you are unable to create a join (./) symbol, you may simulate it as |><|.

It is recommended (but not required) that you test your SQL answers using a relational database. Such tests may help you nd the correct answers.

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Quantitative Methods for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence | Research

The terms Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning are at times all jumbled together to be synonymous. Some might even lump it all together as ‘statistics’. Find and cite at least 3 reputable sources in which these distinctions are discussed. Reputable sources are trade journals and publications, and research journals from well-known publishers such as the IEEE and ACM. Write.

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