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BUS5PB | Self-service analytics solution development | Business Analytics

Assignment Details:

Introduction/Literature review/Formulation of Research Methodology

In the Introduction, students are required to provide a background introduction to their research project including their justifications/motivations for this research (What), the significance of the study makes it unique (Why); and how this research is approached (How). Students need to provide the hypothesis(es) or the research question(s) and sub-question(s) if applicable that you wanted to answer.

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COIT 20253 | Business Intelligence using Big Data | Business Analysis


This assessment item relates to course learning outcomes numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 as stated on the unit profile.

Assessment 1 is an individual assessment. In assessment 1, you are assigned tasks which assess your course knowledge gained between weeks 1 and 5 about different facets of Big Data solutions. All students will have to write a report showing the answers to the tasks 1-3 below.

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SBM1108 | Business Decision Scenario | Business Analysis

Comparative Review Report 10%

The task of this assignment is to review and summarise a given business decision making case or scenario from your reading of relevant recent journal articles. This can be from an area or industry that interests you most, like sport, marketing, housing, medicine, aviation, and so on. You must investigate and present a report on the business case, the decision-making.

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MIS741 | Video and Professional Capability Gap Analysis | Digital Business

Description / Requirements

This is an individual assignment where you will produce a Professional Capability Gap Analysis report, and a separate video. The requirements for the report and video are outlined next.

Background work for the Professional Capability Gap Analysis report

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MGMT20144 | Business Analysis Management and Business Context | Management and Business Context


This assignment is a precursor to Assessment Item 2. In Assessment Item 2 you will choose an organisation and a contextual factor from those provided in a list; you must explore the assigned contextual factor in relation to the specific organisation. PLEASE NOTE you do not choose your own organisation; you MUST choose from the list provided.

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BUSN20017 | Assignment 1 Effective Business Communications | Effective Business Communications

Task Description

This assessment accounts for 20% of your grade. The assessment is due in Week 5 Monday, April 2nd at 5.00 pm AEST
·The essay must be between 700-1000 words in length.
· Two points will be deducted for those essays that are over or under by 200 words.

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BUSN20017 | Written Report and Oral Presentation | Effective Business Communications

Task Description

  • This assessment accounts for 40% of your final grade. The assessment is due in Week 9 on Monday, May 7that 5.00 pm
  • The reports must be 3500 words in length
  • Two points will be deducted for those essays that are over or under by 200 words.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/BUSN20017-WRITTEN-REPORT-AND-ORAL-PRESENTATION-EFFECTIVE-BUSINESS-COMMUNICATIONS.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

BUSN20017 | Developing your Communication Competency | Effective Business Communications

Task Description:

The purpose of this assessment is to provide students with the opportunity to engage in reflective practice, using a range of diagnostic tools and feedback, to identify two key areas of personal capability that can be addressed (improved) to increase their communication effectiveness.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/BUSN20017-DEVELOPING-YOUR-COMMUNICATION-COMPETENCY-EFFECTIVE-BUSINESS-COMMUNICATIONS.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

BUSN20017 | Communication Climate Inventory | Business Management

Instructions: The statements below relate to how your supervisor and you communicate on the job.

There is no right or wrong answers. Respond honestly to the statements, using the following scale:

1 – Strongly Agree

2 – Agree

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BSBMGT517 | Manage Operational Plan | Business Communication

Task 1

Project Develop an Operational Plan

You have been employed by Australian Hardware, which is startup hardware business. Your role is to assist developers and implement strategies plans that support the direction and aspirations of the business. You are to obtain a copy of the business plan from your employer.

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BUMGT5970 | Leadership Assignment Brief | Business

Analysis and problem diagnosis

The culture works on the thinking that greed is good where every company or individual concentrates on maximizing their profits. In the case study the authorities of company were focused on their personal benefits. They were targeting to increase the price of their shares by increasing its profits in the accounts and giving appreciation and appraisals to the employees. The employees and investors lost their confidence and were less motivated for their work in the company.

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Growth Sustainable Business Plan Management Assignment | Business

Purpose of the assignment

The Growth Sustainable Business Plan assignment in which we will discuss about how to decide business growth plan with the help of any kind of resources.

Summary of evidence regarding student’s enterprise research and activities undertaken for setting up their business, including steps toward protecting the business idea and obtaining sources of funding, identification of target market and products and services, suitable funding, resources and inc!ude an operations management plan.

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BUACC3741 | Business Auditing Assignment Brief | Business

Regulatory Statutes and Accounting Standards

Accountancy can be defined as the process of recording business transactions in the books of accounts of the business enterprise. Accountancy includes process and procedures of recording and presenting financial transaction in financial statements. Accounting professions are those groups of people that are engaged in the accounting of the information or business transactions (Collings, 2012).

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BSBINN601 | Lead and Manage Organizational Change Assignment | Business

Develop change management strategy

The change management plan and communication plan is presented within the simulated business environment as a part of role of Business Change Management Officer in accordance with the strategic review conducted through an external marketing agency Statistical Australian Marketing Research Agency.

In order to obtain approval from the Business Change Manager the plan has to be modified so that the mistakes and omissions can be rectified and the changes can be successfully implemented in Fit Life.

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BSB61315 | Advance Diploma of Marketing Assignment | Business


  • What is the target market? What are the target audience’s characteristics?
  • What is the aim of a creative brief?
  • What are the requirements of the creative brief?
  • Choose three creative requirements and explain them in your own words. Give an example of a time when you would use each?
  • What is the connection in between the advertising brief and the media merchandising requirements?

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HC2121 | Comparative Business Ethics | Business


Executive Summary

The project aims at illustrating the sustainability challenges that is faced by oil and gas industry. Oil and gas industry are in high demand and for meeting up the demand the companies are using various equipments and technologies that can be dangerous. Companies like Exxon and BP faced risk due to oil spills that has impact marine life and ecosystem. The Gulf of Mexico were damaged due to the oil spills from BP and destroyed life of many species.

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BCO1049 / BCO2000 | Business Process Modelling | Business

Assignment 2: SAP Processes


The completed assignment must be uploaded to VU Collaborate (soft copy) by the due date and a hardcopy given to your tutor or submit in the assignment drop box if applicable to your campus. Make sure that you read all of the instructions before entering any data.

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Management Assignment Help

Additional Assessment Instructions to Assessor:

Reasonable adjustment:  Trainers may make reasonable allowances for learners in accordance with the C&I Learner Support Policy contained in the Participant Handbook. This may relate to the timeframe for undertaking this assessment task in class or relate to an extension to the due date.  Consult with the Curriculum & Learning Manager prior to administering this assessment to ensure Learner Support needs are met.

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INF80028 | Business Process Management Modelling Assignment | Business

Assignment 2

Value: this assignment part has the value of 15% in total and total 100 marks are allocated for this assignment part.

You can complete this assignment part individually or within a group.

Assessment 2 Requirements

To complete this part, you need to carefully read the provided case study for Assignment 1, 2 & 3.

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BSBHRM513 | Manage Workforce Planning | Business


You need to show knowledge and skills important to research workforce requirements inside an organizational context and to develop workforce planning.


Students have to will research workforce requirements and review organizational strategic plans and prepare a report outlining proposed workforce plan to meet our organizational objectives.

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BSBITU402 | Develop and Use Complex Spread Sheets | Business



Students are required to show the knowledge and skills of use of a computer at your workplace with the full competency of agronomics to enhance and use complex spreadsheets.

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BSBLDR502 | Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships | Business

Task 1

In this assignment business information provided and prepares communication strategy.  Prepare a portfolio of a planning document that includes presentation present to the senior management team on your plans.


[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/BSBLDR502-Lead-and-Manage-Effective-Workplace-Relationships-Business.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

BSBMGT605 | Provide Leadership Across the Organization | Business


Students have to show their skills and knowledge needed to communicate organizational mission and goals.


You have to use the given scenario information, you will report expectations of an organization to examine incidents in accordance including legal and organizational requirements. You will also address prospects to communicate organizational goals and mission to internal stakeholders.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/BSBMGT605-Provide-Leadership-Across-the-Organization-Business.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


BSBADM506 | Manage Business Document Design and Development | Business

This assessment defines the knowledge and skills needed to establish criteria for the plan and production of organizational documents and to organize document plan and production procedures to ensure agreed criteria are met.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/BSBADM506-Manage-Business-Document-Design-and-Development-Business.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

BSBCUS501 | Manage Quality Customer Service | Business

This assessment will develop your knowledge and skills that required developing strategies to arrange organizational systems that certify products are delivered and sustained to values agreed by the organization.

Students have to complete three tasks to complete this assessment. In Task 1, you will need to make a customer service strategy and a short reflection.

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FN505 | Internal Control Procedures in Business | Finance

Task 1 (Questioning)

This task has five parts. In this task, you need to answer a series of questions that will give the theoretical knowledge to apply and maintain internal control processes in businesses.

Part 1

1.1 Discuss ethical considerations and confidentiality that applies to management in the handling of files and records.
1.2 Outline at least six cash handling procedures and/or principles that an organization should incorporate as part of the process of maintaining internal control to prevent fraudulent activity.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/FN505-Internal-Control-Procedures-in-Business-Finance.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]