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ITC538 | Final Exam Java| Java


To assess students’ understanding of the fundamental concepts of the subject material; their ability to integrate and apply information from various topics; and to apply their understanding and knowledge to simple problems.

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Role of Accounting Information Systems | Accounts


Business Plus Advisors are a well-established accounting firm located in Sydney, New South Wales. Some clients have approached Sally, the Managing Partner, seeking advice on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems. Sally would like you to undertake some research into CRM systems and their impact.

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HC2121 | Comparative Business Ethics | Business


Executive Summary

The project aims at illustrating the sustainability challenges that is faced by oil and gas industry. Oil and gas industry are in high demand and for meeting up the demand the companies are using various equipments and technologies that can be dangerous. Companies like Exxon and BP faced risk due to oil spills that has impact marine life and ecosystem. The Gulf of Mexico were damaged due to the oil spills from BP and destroyed life of many species.

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COAC216 | Cost Accounting Assignment | Account

Assessment 3 (Group report)

In this assessment, you are required to make a group of 2-3 students. The word limit for this assessment is 2000 words. The value of this assessment is 20% and total marks are 40.

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BSBINM601 | Manage Knowledge and Information | Management

Task 1


In this task you have to determine the skills and knowledge, it is essential to gain information to classify and examine business issues.


In this task, you have to give a scenario of particular business information in which you will source, collect and evaluate data and information and use formal and informal networks to classify and examine business issues and problems.

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BSBLDR502 | Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships | Business

Task 1

In this assignment business information provided and prepares communication strategy.  Prepare a portfolio of a planning document that includes presentation present to the senior management team on your plans.


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BSBMGT616 | Development and Implement Strategic Plans | Management

Task 1


Students have to review the specified organization’s aim and values by reviewing the provided case study information as well as meeting with a key stakeholder in the case study organization. After reviewing things, revise the aim and mission statements to replicate the present status and direction of the specified organization, then inform the stakeholders to:

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BSBADM506 | Manage Business Document Design and Development | Business

This assessment defines the knowledge and skills needed to establish criteria for the plan and production of organizational documents and to organize document plan and production procedures to ensure agreed criteria are met.

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BSBLDR501 | Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence | IT

This assessment covers the development and use of emotional intelligence to develop self-management, relationship management and social consciousness in the workplace.

Students will need to complete three tasks to complete this assessment. In
Task 1, you will need to prepare a written reflection.

In Task 2, you will have to written response to case-study based questions.

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Question 1  – Routing table construction                                                               (10 marks)

Given the following network, construct the routing table for routers R2 and R3.

Question 2– Allocating subnets from a block                                                        (6 marks)

You are the Network Administrator for a startup company that has been granted a new block of addresses starting with the address

    1. Calculate the total number of addresses available in this block including all the special addresses. Show your calculation (1 mark)
  1. As Network Administrator, you need to distribute the available addresses on a departmental needs basis (meaning not allocating more than you have to), with 4 new subnets determined as follows:

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Identify risks in your current project

This week ask your internship supervisor to help you identify a project that you will be working on (or that you are already working on) and from which you can enter the following information into the Project Context section of the RMP (Risk management Plan) template:

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LAWS20061 | Management Law | Management

Final Written Assessment

This is a group assessment and up to three students are allowed in a group.

The total value of this assessment is 30%.

This subject gives an understanding of the key topics and concepts of law related to management in an engineering context. The material is contextualized and integrated with management decision making.

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BUS301 | Business Finance Assignment Help | Finance

This assessment has 2 parts

Part A

In this part, you will be provided a scenario of Telstra Corporation Ltd or another similar company.

Note:We have mentioned the company name for reference purpose only. You will find the actual scenario in your assignment.

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