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INFS 5093 | Systems Planning Assignment | Information Systems


This assignment consists of

  • A case study, which requires you to apply your learning from the systems planningmodule.
  • An ethical analysis which requires you to apply one of thereadings provided on the course website.

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Pick 5 economic events with a HIGH priority for the week of February 05  and 5 for the week of February 12.  Note the economic event, the expectation and the actual reported statistic.  Also note the effect on the currency against the USD.  If the HIGH priority item was a USD based report, note the affect of the USD.CAD pair.  Write a brief description of the economic event and why it is important.

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COIT 20246 | Assignment Submission | Information Technology


There are ten (10) tasks, one for each week:  the tasks are detailed below.  There is a table to complete for each task.  Please fill in the information required.  An example of a completed task is below.  Note the first response is good – so aim for something like this.  The second response is not acceptable, so if you submit anything like it, you won’t pass the assignment!  The reasons?  Poor resource selection (Wikipedia), no Harvard reference and a block cut and paste from the site (no citation, no original content).

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SIT113 | Cloud Computing and Virtualization Assignment Help | IT

Learning outcomes

There are valuable information and knowledge for the students who are studying Cloud Computing and Virtualization.

Cloud computing signifies an important change in the delivery of Information Technology to end users by presenting the ability to provide platforms, infrastructure, and software through the network.

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BSBADM502 | Manage Meetings Diploma Assessment | Management

The students who are pursuing the Diploma in Business will find significant information regarding their assessments.

In this assessment, students will learn the skills and knowledge that is necessary to manage different meetings containing chairing meetings, overseeing the meeting preparation processes and reporting meeting outcomes.

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MN621 | Advanced Network Design | Networking

They will also gain skills and knowledge through switching, routing concepts and practical knowledge of the use and configuration of network parts like switches and routers.

Assessment 2

Assessment Type- Individual written report and group demonstration

Assessment Title- Human Factors in network analysis and design
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  1. Readings:


  • Kerzner Chapter 2, & 21;
  • Please access the Project Management Journal Vol. 42, No. 5, 4-16 and read the following article Walker D., Dart C. J. (2011) Frontinus–A Project Manager From the Roman Empire Era

Make sure you have done the readings.

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