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BSBWOR501 | Manage Personal Work Priorities | Business

Task 1


1. Review your job description and your organization’s business plans business goals policies and procedures. In your journal, provide a list of the organization’s policies procedures and plans that will inform the team and personal goal setting.

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Additional Assessment Instructions to Assessor:

Reasonable adjustment:  Trainers may make reasonable allowances for learners in accordance with the C&I Learner Support Policy contained in the Participant Handbook. This may relate to the timeframe for undertaking this assessment task in class or relate to an extension to the due date.  Consult with the Curriculum & Learning Manager prior to administering this assessment to ensure Learner Support needs are met.

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CIS53008 | Management of Information Technology Services | Information Technology

Report 1 specifications

The word limit for this assessment task is 1300 to 1700 words. The total value of this assessment is 10% and 100 marks are assigned.

Reference is needed and the Harvard AGPS style must be used

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MGT501 | Management Theory and Practice | Management

This subject enhances the knowledge and understanding of students of a variety of management and organizational theories.

Along with the analytical skills needed to implement these theories and practices in an organization.

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MBA642 | Project Initiation, Planning and Execution |Management

This subject enhances the knowledge and understanding of students of a variety of Project Initiation, Planning and Execution.


Project Schedule

The value of this assessment is 40% and it contains 40 marks. The word limit of this assessment is 1500 words.

You are needed to prepare a Project Schedule for the provided case study and submit the result as a report to a client. You will require research and choose a free trial for a software tool. And Gantt chart.

CHCPRT001 | Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk | Health

This assessment has 2 sections

Section 1 – Unit and Assessment Overview

Section 2 – Assessment Tasks

Section 1 – this section provides you with an overview of the skills and knowledge that you require to show in the assessment tasks. The assessment overview also provides you with information about the assessment conditions, the assessor’s role, and the topic covered in the unit.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/CHCPRT001-Identify-and-Respond-to-Children-and-Young-People-at-Risk-Health.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

CHCECE002 | Ensure the Health and Safety of Children | Health

This assessment has two sections:

1. Section One- Unit and Assessment Overview
2. Section Two- Assessment Tasks

Section 1

This section gives you an overview of the skills and knowledge that you require to show in the tasks of this assessment. It also provides you the information about the assessment conditions, the covered topics in this unit.

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MN502 | Network Security Assignment Help | Networking

This subject provides students a complete knowledge of the Network Security field, security risks and countermeasures related to network connectivity.

Students will gain knowledge to understand, implement and manage network security.

This is an individual assignment.

Value:The total value of this assessment is 20%. And the word limit of this assessment is 1500-2000 words.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/MN502-Network-Security-Assignment-Help-Networking.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

MA505 | Marketing Management Assignment Help | Marketing

The subject has a dual discipline of marketing and management with changing environment affecting most organizations marketing has to be aware of these changes.


This is a group task and you need to working in a team of two people to make a Business Model Canvas Report for the provided company that is based in the Australian market.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/MA505-Marketing-Management-Assignment-Help-Marketing.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

CHCECE010 | Holistic Development of Children in Early Childhood | Health

Section 1

This section gives you with an overview of the skills and knowledge that you need to show in this assessment tasks. The Unit and Assessment Overview also provide you with information about the assessment conditions, the topics covered in this unit.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/CHCECE010-Holistic-Development-of-Children-in-Early-Childhood-Health.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

CHCECE001 | Develop Cultural Competence | Health

This assessment has 2 sections:

1. Section one –  Unit and Assessment Overview

2. Section two –  Assessment Tasks

Section 1

This section gives you an overview of the skills and knowledge that you require to show in the assessment tasks. The assessment overview and unit gives you with information about the condition of assessment, the topic covered in this unit.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/CHCECE001-Develop-Cultural-Competence-Health.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

COIT20251 | Knowledge Audit Assessment Item 1 | IT


  • Understand the core competences of a Business Analyst
  • Understand the skills that should be developed
  • Identify the need for external and internal environment analysis
  • Explore tools and techniques for requirements elicitation and reporting
[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/COIT20251-Knowledge-Audit-Assessment-Item-1-IT.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]



Students are required to study, undertake research, analyse and conduct academic work within the areas of business finance covered in learning materials 1 to 10 inclusive. The assignment should examine the main issues, including underlying theories, implement performance measures used and explain the firm financial performance. You are strongly advised to reference professional websites, journal articles and text books in this assignment (case study).

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/HI5002-Finance-for-Business-Finance.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

ITECH5404 | Business Process Analytics and Change | IT


The purpose of this task is to provide students with practical experience in working in teams utilising process design techniques to develop an as-is process model and recommended to-be process model.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/ITECH5404-Business-Process-Analytics-and-Change-IT.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


SBM1104 | Leadership and Change Management | Management

Assignment Brief

Student teams are to study leadership and change management practices of a leader in an organisation/company, which highlights the observed leadership styles and change managementstrategies in comparison to practices suggested in the literature. Note that the literature points toward the trend towards democratic, employee-centred, coaching and mentoring leadership styles in contrast to traditional autocratic, job-centred, and command and control leadership styles.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/SBM1104-Leadership-and-Change-Management-Management.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


Corporate Objectives and Approaches to Marketing | Marketing


This assessment is designed to engage you in the subject and to begin to develop an understanding of central issues in marketing. It will also be the start of the discussion and comparison with your peers on topics of the marketing concept and market management, and starts the process of the marketing audit.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Corporate-Objectives-and-Approaches-to-Marketing-Marketing.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


SIT740 | Research and Development In Information Technology | Research

Submission Details

Submit the following files to Doubtfire:

A PDF document with your summaries, and reflection addressing the questions below. Include a title for your write-up (15 words or less), (with section heading “Summaries”) two summaries, one for each article (each up to 300 words), (with section heading “Reflection”) a reflection (up to 600 words), and include properly formatted references/bibliography for at least one other publication to include in your reflection – citations should follow one of the styles from.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/SIT740-Research-and-Development-In-Information-Technology-Research.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


MGMT20144 | Management and Business Context | Management

Task Description

This is an individual assessment task in which students will examine critical issues related to business and management context. The objective is to gain greater understanding of the contextual factors internal to a business that impact on a business or organisation and its business decision making.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Mgmt20144-Management-and-Business-Context-Management.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

PROJ6003 | Project Execution and Control | IT


During project execution, project managers ensure that project work is completed as specified in the Project Management Plan and according to project requirements. Requirements may change throughout the course of a project. Changes need to be controlled, ensuring all of their impacts upon the project are managed effectively and are incorporated into existing management plans and project baselines.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/PROJ6003-Project-Execution-And-Control-Information-Technology.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]

ICT710 | Assignment 2 Marking Sheet Business Research | Research


Write a 2500 word report that addresses the ethical issues in the following case study.

Doing Ethics Technique – Hints and Tips

The ‘Doing Ethics’ technique is a process for analysing ethical issues in any scenario. It doesn’t guarantee that what you come up with will be the best solution, but it does help you to think ethically. The technique may seem a little vague and perhaps lacking guidance, however the following might help you to understand how to apply the technique in order to better understand ethical analysis.

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HLTMSG004 | Massage Treatments Health

Questions in this section      Status  Action

1. Performance Criteria: Clearly outline how the treatment will be provided and managed based on assessment and agreed treatment approach.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Hltmsg004-Massage-Treatments-Health.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


BUS5SMM | Guidelines for Management Assignment Assessment 2 | Management

The report should contain the following elements (please see marking rubrics for more details):

Background, introduction and importance of company to the Australian and international business landscape:

  • Focus on its international business environment and funnel it down to Australian base
  • Please relate your analysis to sustainability practices of INTREPID TRAVEL (i.e. reflect on relevant theory + strategies applied + sustainability practices implemented by the company), and include the roles of planning, organising, leading and controlling mainly demonstrated via:

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Bus5smm-Guidelines-for-Management-Assignment-Assessment-2-Management.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


BUS5SMM | Further Instructions for Assignment 2 Management | Management

Background information of the chosen company

The discussion can focus on (but not limited to) the following points:

  • General introduction about the company, its management and organisational structure
  • International business environment and Australian context
  • Analyse the impact of the environmental factors (i.e. political-legal, economic, socio-cultural & technological factors)

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Bus5smm-Further-Instructions-for-Assignment-2-Management.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


ECO511 | Economics Models Assignment Economics | Economics

Question 1

“Economic models are false and so government should ignore their predictions.” Explain, discuss and evaluate the accuracy of this statement.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Eco511-Economics-Models-Assignment-Economics.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


Advanced Financial Accounting

As explained within the Chapter 8, intangible asset, Australian accounting standards now prohibit goodwill from being subject to amortisation. Rather, there is a requirement that goodwill be subject to impairment testing. In relation to impairment testing of goodwill, Petersen and Plenborg (2010, p.420) state:

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/ADVANCED-FINANCIAL-ACCOUNTING.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


Assessment Item 3 Essay Resistance to Change



Discuss both of the following questions:

Why is resistance to change frequently demonised by managers, as a problem that must be managed?

What are the ethical implications of this and how else can resistance be understood?

Use examples from your own organisation, or other sources, to illustrate your essay.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Assessment-Item-3-Essay-Resistance-to-Change.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]



  • Project 3: People and change

The preferred form of procurement as an outcome from the negotiation process for Project 2 proposed in the PPMP20011 Projects Negotiation and Conflict Report was…

The subthemes and KSAE’s that will best mitigate and reduce project claims and damages are itemized in the following tables.

  • Platform Foundation (p. 117-118)

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/PROJECT-CLAIMS-AND-DAMAGES-REPORT-2.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


  1. Readings:

Mandatory Readings

  • Kerzner Chapter 1.14-1.16, & 3;
  • PMI Implementing Organizational PM Chapter 2;

Optional Readings

  • If you have time then please access the Project Management Journal Volume 44 No 1, pages 17-34 for the article by Besner C. & Hobbs B. (2012) Contextualized Project Management Practice: A Cluster Analysis of Practices and Best Practices

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/TUTORIAL-FOR-WEEK-6-1.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]


Type the code in the screen shots at the end of the instructions. You should have 7 starting files: RealEstate.java, Portfolio.java, Property.java, VacantLot.java, Building.java, Commercial.java, and Residential java.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/TYPE-THE-CODE-IN-THE-SCREEN-SHOTS-AT-THE-END-OF-THE-INSTRUCTIONS.pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ ]




Could you please tell me how to write python code for the question below?

## sort_userids: (listof String) -> None
## PRE-Cond: For every string s in L, 1 <= len(s) <= 8, and
##           all characters in s are lowercase letters (a-z).
## Purpose: Produces None.
## Effects: Mutates L by rearranging its items into alphabetical order.
def sort_userids(L):


Use Java FX to create a GUI Tic-Tac-Toe program. A Tic-Tac-Toe game is played in a 3 X 3 cells. Each player select one cell each time, and he/she wins if he/she occupies three consecutive cells horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

[googlepdf url=”https://assignmentquestion4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/CREATE-A-GUI-TIC-TAC-TOE-PROGRAM.pdf&#8221; width=”100%” height=”400″ ]