Marketing Report

  • This individual report will have 2500-3000 words between introduction and conclusion sections. Please upload the task through the appropriate Moodle link by week 10
  • Each assessment must be uploaded as a doc or .docx file (word file)
  • It is expected that the report will be based on some research findings, including data and information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Austrade, relevant and authentic Web sites, textbooks, recent and relevant journal papers, and will use your experience and observation based on the formative assessment (i.e., presentation/assessment task 1)
  • Any assessment with a Turnitin’ score of more than 20% will be checked by the marker and unit coordinator for plagiarism although it may not necessarily mean that you have plagiarised. If we find a substantial matching rate in the ‘Turnitin’ report, your task will be forwarded to an appropriate office/authority for necessary actions.
  • You are strongly suggested to attend the lecture, tutorial, and discussion sessions. Please also follow the examples available on the Moodle site, textbook, and/or on the Web.

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