Macquarie University

The University of Macquarie was created in 1964 and three years later began to impart its first degree to students. It was founded with the intention of breaking traditions and being a different and transformative institution. Currently, it has become one of the most important educational centres in the country and is recognized worldwide as one of the 100 best universities in the world by the most prestigious rankings.

The  quality  of its  academic offer , its  innovation in teaching  and the  importance of its results in research are some of the factors that have caused this international recognition, which is not only seen through its position in the rankings of higher education institutions , but also in the number of agreements established with more than 250 institutions from 60 countries and their relationship with the professional world , with which they maintain agreements that facilitate the offer of internships to their students.

Its facilities are located on the outskirts of Sydney and extend over some 135 hectares. In it about 40,000 students study, of which more than 10,000 are foreigners. Its international vision is one of its hallmarks, which is materialized in a commitment to the internationalization of the curriculum, the establishment of international alliances and a global approach to teaching. The other is its research excellence, which stands out above all in areas such as cognitive science, ecology and evolution, animal behaviour, social inclusion and laser technology.

Its academic structure is articulated around several colleges: College of Commerce, College of Humanities and Social Sciences and College of Sciences and Technology. These, in turn, are made up of different divisions and schools.


The University of Macquarie offers different accommodation options to its students, both on and off campus. On the Accommodation Service website, you can find a table that summarizes the basic characteristics of each so that you can choose the one you like the most. The application for a place for the residences and apartments of the university must be made well in advance through the Accommodation Portal.

Another accommodation option, especially for the youngest, is the homestay. Although the university no longer directly manages this type of accommodation in the homes of Australian families, it does offer the contact details of three companies that do so.

For those who seek greater independence in their home, the university has a portal dedicated to finding accommodation in the private sector. It features a database with flats for rent and a list of frequently asked questions in which the most common doubts of the students are answered.

In addition, new international students have a free pick-up service at the airport and the possibility of using the temporary accommodation offered by the university during the first days.


The English Language Centre of the University of Macquarie offers a wide range of general and academic English courses, aimed at students of the university and people outside the educational institution. The offer consists of:

  • General English courses
  • Academic English
  • An introductory program for students who are going to start studying at the university
  • Intensive courses to prepare the IELTS exam
  • The courses are paid and those interested in joining any of them can register online on the centre’s website.


While in university the students are likely to face various types of issues, some of which are:

  • Additional stress and burden because of the difficult assignments and homework
  • Lack of time to work on various assignments and papers
  • Work on writing skills; learning editing, proofreading, referencing and essay writing of different types
  • Understanding the difference between good and the bad assignment writing
  • Taking care of the deadlines
  • Understanding how to make plagiarism free content by including all the important details, references and citations

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