James Cook University

The James Cook University was established on April 20 as 1970 and is named after the British explorer of the same name. Although its most important campuses are located in the cities of Townsville and Cairns, both in the state of Queensland. It also has facilities in Mount Isa, Mackay and Thursday Island. In addition, it teaches in Sydney and Melbourne thanks to different agreements.

The university pays special attention to research and particularly emphasizes everything related to the tropics. It aims to provide students with the necessary skills to safely face their transition to the world of work and promote higher education accessible to the maximum possible number of people. In addition, the institution wants to provide a service to the community by adapting its research areas to the industrial needs of the area in which it operates.

It is also especially concerned about encouraging its teaching staff. It presents awards to reward teachers who develop activities that are especially motivating and innovative for students. These awards are called JCU Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.

Its academic offer includes more than 180 undergraduate programs and about 140 postgraduate programs. Academically, it is divided into two divisions, Environments and Tropical Society and Medicine and Tropical Health, which in turn are divided into colleges, that would be what we call faculties.


The Accommodation Office helps students at James Cook University find accommodations both on and off campus. The available options vary depending on the campus where you are going to study. For example, of the two main campuses, Cairns and Townsville, only the latter offers accommodation on campus.

To live in one of the residences of the university’s campus in Townsville you must apply for your place several months in advance through the website of the university. Before you start the negotiations, we must warn you that to register you must pay a fee and even then you do not have guaranteed accommodation.

Students looking for off-campus accommodation at the university have a database with rental flats. Likewise, the Accommodation Office also collects opinions on different neighbourhoods that students can read on the web to guide their home search to some areas or other.

In addition to apartments, students who live off campus can also opt for private residences. For example, for students on the Cairns campus, it is common to live at the Cairns Student Lodge.


The University James Cook sets out requirements for minimum English for all students who want to attend any of its programs. Those future students who meet the academic requirements but not the linguistic ones have at their disposal some courses called English for Academic Purposes that prepare them to reach these levels. Depending on the initial level they can last from three to twelve months. These courses are intensive and paid.

For students who have already been admitted to the university, there is a program called Learning Skills that organizes small free workshops on academic skills, among which are some related to language, such as writing skills, which can be useful to improve your level of English.


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