Griffith University

The Griffith University was founded in 1971 with the aim of creating an educational institution innovative both in academia and the researcher. It was given the name of Griffith in honour of Samuel Walter Griffith, Governor of the State of Queensland twice and President of the Supreme Court of Australia. It started-up initially with a campus in Nathan and currently has five campuses distributed throughout one of the most developed areas of Australia, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

The study of multiple disciplines is one of the characteristics of this university, which strives to approach the society and industry. Its mission, linked to academic and research excellence, makes it “committed to innovation, approaching different disciplines, internationalization, equality and social justice, and lifelong learning throughout life”, all this to achieve the “enrichment of Queensland, Australia and the international community”. The rigour, tolerance, participation and quality are some of its values.

The campuses of Mt. Gravatt and Nathan are in the vicinity of Brisbane, while the Logan campus is located within the city, more specifically in the centre. The Gold Coast, which is in the city of the same name, is the largest and has been expanded in recent years. The fifth campus is located on the South Bank and is dedicated to the cultural creation, with buildings such as the Queensland Conservatory or the College of Art.

It is a pioneer centre in the teaching of Asian and environmental studies in Australia and currently offers more than 300 courses in the areas of art; language; criminology, business; education; engineering and information sciences; environment; architecture; environment and public policies; medicine; law; music; science, and creative and visual arts. All of them are taught with a global perspective that emphasizes international affairs and encourages exchanges of students and teachers.


The Griffith University has a number of residences that allow students who wish to live within the campus. The options for this type of accommodation are varied and depend on the campus and the type of housing you prefer. There are rooms in apartments type apartments or rooms in university residences with bathroom and shared common areas.

If you want to live on campus these facilities, you must request your place with well in advance through the website of the university. You can choose your preferred type of accommodation, but the university does not guarantee that it can respect the preferences of all students. In the case of students from the Gold Coast campus, the university residence is managed by a private entity whose application for a position must be done independently on the Griffith University Village website, which is the name of the facility.

Students who choose to live off campus can search for shared flats in the private sector. To facilitate the search, the university has a database with homes available for rent. The third option is the homestay, which consists of staying with an Australian family to be more in touch with the customs of the country and improve your linguistic competence and performance. If you are interested in this option, the university website contains a lot of information related to it.


The application for a place in a program at Griffith University is made online on the university’s website. To be admitted, international students must meet a series of academic and linguistic requirements, as well as economic ones, since they must demonstrate that they have enough money to cover the expenses originated in the study period.

As in the vast majority of English-speaking universities, the TOEFL and IELTS results are accepted to assess the language level of the students. In the case of Griffith University, tests carried out by the university itself are also accepted.

For the academic requirements, the university establishes minimums that vary from one study program to another. You can check the description of your course on the university website. Keep in mind that some programs include specific requirements such as a sample of student work (for artistic programs), personal interviews, work experience etc.

Along with the documentation, you must send the notes of your previous studies and pay a registration fee, which in no case is returned. When starting the application, also take into account the registration deadlines, which may vary from one program to another.

In case you do not meet the admission requirements of the program you wish to study, there are a series of courses dedicated to the specific preparation of students who wish to enter the first year of university studies (both undergraduate and graduate) in this institution. These are the so-called foundation programs, which are common in all Australian universities.


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