Global Issues

Many global problems—including human rights abuses, hunger, the debt of developing countries, and global warming—have been addressed by holding large benefit concerts. The first of these was the Concert for Bangladesh, held in New York in 1971. Amnesty International’s Secret Policeman’s Other Ball was made into a movie in 1981. In 1985, Live Aid for famine relief was conceived and produced by Bob Geldof.

This spawned Farm Aid and the Conspiracy of Hope world tour. Large benefit concerts re-emerged in the twenty-first century, as Paul McCartney organized the Concert for New York City after 9/11, Geldof organized Live 8 to support African debt relief in 2005, and Al Gore catalyzed the Live Earth concerts in 2007. How did these events support their causes? What results did they produce? Research the concerts (YouTube has a great deal of archived footage) and the results they produced.


Foreign policy is often portrayed as a ‘rational decision making process’. Leaders desire to be viewed as serious, intellectual, and experienced. In making decisions affecting foreign policy, what steps need to be taken to assure the correct solution is made? Does using this process rely on concrete facts, or is it primarily a judgment call?

Is the President solely responsible for all decisions that are made regarding foreign policy? Who else may be accountable? Compare 2 President’s approaches to foreign policy by illustrating their particular type of character, career background, personality, and leadership style.


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