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Section1: Overvie

What is a Group?

  • For campus students, the group means 1 or 2 students.
  • For distant learning (FLEX) students, while a group of 1 is likely to be more practical groups of 2 are optional.
  • Important Note 1: Students working as a group, only one member of the group will submit the assignment online by uploading it in Moodle.

The Task

There are 4 calculation-based questions and 2 theory questions assessing work covered in Weeks 1 to 5. All questions are from the prescribed textbook, Managerial Finance – Principles and Applications by Titman et al. (2016)

The Mark sheet

  • The Mark sheet of this assignment is not your coversheet. It merely shows you how the marks will be allocated. Your grader will provide your marks in a mark sheet when they provide feedback.

Marks are awarded for:

  • Answers to calculation questions that include well-presented tables, accurate calculations, worksheets and related formulae.
  • Answers to theory questions should be around 450 words FOR EACH THEORY QUESTION [excluding in-text referencing, reference list and appendix items] and show supporting examples, diagrams and figures.
  • Demonstrations of using your initiative and supporting your answers with interesting references to contemporary issues from newspapers, journals, professional publications, web resources i.e. extracts from podcasts, financial institutional websites etc.
  • Proper referencing of all content including figures, tables and narrative using APA Reference system.
  • Presentation must be 1.5 spacing, 14 pt Bold for Section Headings, 12 pt. for content and Arial, Times Roman or Calibri Font.


TITMAN, S., MARTIN, T., KEOWN, A. J. & MARTIN, J. D. 2016. Financial management: Principles and Applications, Melbourne, Pearson Australia.

Section 2: Submission Details

This online submission MUST BE submitted as a word document. PDF submissions will not be accepted.

Issues that will affect your marks include:

  1. Make sure you create your own cover sheet with the names of the students in the group clearly indicated. Please do not include the marking criteria or rubrics or marking sheet in your assessment. Your grader will include a separate feedback and marking sheet after they have graded your assessment in Moodle.
  2. Where copying from other sources results in high percentage similarity, marks will be deducted as shown on the mark-sheet. Therefore, proper use of in-text referencing is important. Avoid direct quotes.

Turnitin will be used to check percentage similarity.

Do not copy the questions from the textbook, as this will increase your percentage similarity.

Under extreme circumstances where high % similarity indicates copying from written works of other students in CQU, other universities or any other institutions world-wide, the assignment will be reviewed by the academic misconduct board. If percentage similarity exceeds 20%, marks will be deducted based on a progressive scale as determined by the course co-ordinator. 

  1. Marks for each question are noted in Section 3 and totals 100 marks.

The assessment is worth 20% total assessment grade.

The final grade with criteria/rubric and marking criteria will be recorded on Moodle as a percentage of 20%.

  1. Penalty for late submission is 5% per calendar day including Saturday and Sunday.

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