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Essay writing is not something new for the students; it is well-known among all the students. It is considered to be the traditional method of writing assignments and checking student’s knowledge on the subject. Some of the students like writing an essay where some frown at even by thinking over it. Essays can be a complicated deal even for a seasoned college student. There is a rule to follow for each different type of essay, and it can be difficult to keep them all in order. If you ever get an essay writing in future, you must consider these four types and write them accordingly.

Major types of essays

  • Expository essays

An expository essay is that kind of essay which involves the investigation of the idea, evaluation of the evidence, presentation of the idea and supports the presentation of that idea with the specific argument. These are usually written with comparison and contrast, mentioning the definition, examples and analysing the cause and effect. It follows a specific structure.

  • The thesis statement has to be in the first paragraph of that is basically the introduction of the essay.
  • Alterations between the introduction, body of the essay and the bottom line should be clear and make proper sense. It would not be logical without this structure, and the reader could lose the track while reading the essay.
  • Each paragraph should include evidence supporting the thesis statement.
  • Descriptive essay

The descriptive essay is what the name suggests. In this kind of essay, the description of the things is required by the writer. Unlike the expository essay, it allows following the more artistic approach as the central idea is to create an image in the mind of the reader. There is not any particular format for these types of the essay, but you have to follow the guidelines that will help you in writing a better descriptive essay.

  • You need to brainstorm before pen down your thoughts. If the topic involves describing your dream last night, you have to write it by jotting down the specific details about it.
  • Write down the words as per the details in a descriptive
  • You just need to remember that only the description of the sight is not enough. If you are explaining how you spent the day, you have to include the things that should involve more than just a sight.
  • Emotions and feelings play an important role in descriptive too. You need to write the words that paint a picture in the mind of the reader.
  • Narrative essay

It involves the narration of the story. There are two main types of narrative essays- book reports and short stories. The narrative essay requires the following guidelines to write the best essays.

  • You need to include all parts of the story if it is in that format. This includes characters, plot, setting etc.
  • In the matter of writing a book, it should be quite informative about the book, but it should not retell the whole book.
  • The narrative essays also require to have a point, same as the thesis statement of the expository essay.
  • You need to select a point of view for the essay and follow it in the whole essay. The most common point of view is the first person.
  • Persuasive essay

It is also referred as an argumentative essay. In this kind of essay, it involves exploring a topic and collection and evaluation of the evidence. Unlike an expository essay, you have to defend an argument and has to be in favour of or against the topic. It has a similar format as the format of expository essay as both includes thesis statement, same kind of layout and the conclusion at the last.

However, the persuasive essay will involve the opinion of the writer related to the evidence and the topic itself. Like the expository essay, the persuasive essay can also use the format of five paragraph, but it can also be extended to more length.

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