Dissertation Writing

Dissertations are the final assignment tasks which have to be submitted at the last year of the doctoral degree. When the students pursue a PhD degree in their area of specialization, they have to submit a detailed independent study on a specific topic of their subject. It is mandatory to present the dissertation to the examining authorities of the universities as it makes the students eligible to get their qualifying degree. The degree is awarded by the performance of the students in dissertation writing which have set standards. Therefore, the dissertation makes for the most important as well most complicated assignment writing tasks.

This is the lengthier version of an essay, but it differs from the normal essays in the way the research is conducted for them. The dissertations require primary research which should be done by collecting the first-hand data. To present a perfect dissertation, the students should know about various data collection techniques. The information from the books, previous research studies, journals and articles should also be read to gather relevant information. Two types of data have to be collected for a complete dissertation study and that are qualitative data and quantitative data.

The most prominently used data collection techniques which are used in dissertation writing are:

  • Questionnaires, polls, and surveys
  • Observation
  • Interviews
  • Documented records

After collecting enough data, the next step is to interpret the findings. The interpretation is done with the help of various statistical tools. The pattern and inclination of people are understood with the results.

How to write an excellent dissertation?

Writing a flawless dissertation is a daunting task, but it can be made a little easier by diving it into achievable tasks. Writing down the things to go along with the time frame in which they must be completed helps a lot to complete them. The following steps should be followed while writing a dissertation:

  • Every dissertation needs a thesis statement which should support its main topic.
  • Reading the previous studies and relevant books is important for the deeper understanding of the topic
  • The next step is to decide the method with which the data should be collected
  • Constructing the questionnaires for the polls, surveys and interviews is the next stage of dissertation writing
  • The methods of data interpretation also should be decided upon in advance
  • Collecting data according to the chosen method
  • Once all these things are done then the task of compiling the information starts. Every information should be placed under different heads or chapters.
  • Starting to write the paper is the stage after providing an outline to all the assimilated information.
  • The first draft of the dissertation should include the following sections an introduction, abstract, literature review, the methods of the data collection used for the study, the details of interpretation of the data, and the findings, conclusion and references at the end.
  • Once the dissertation’s first draft is ready, it must be proofread and edited several times to make it impeccable before submitting it to the college.

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