Deakin University

The university was named after the second Prime Minister of Australia. It is a new and modern university that has a status of being advanced, sprightly and a welcoming place. The university seeks on a daily basis to conjoin outstanding research and exceptional teaching by means of a robust concentration on the societies it assists. Whatever the university does is learned and guided by the considered plan which is “LIVE the future 2020”.  This approach offers an audacious dream, presenting the students a personalised education experience with finest digital engagement, generating the expertise and occasions to live in a linked and developing world.

There are more than 56000 students that are currently studying under the four faculties on the university that present a wide-ranging variety of courses across many disciplines such as arts, science, nourishment, structural design, commerce, law, sports, medication, optometry, engineering studies, nursing, psychology and education. The cloud plays a major role in the education for the university as more than 15 percent students study using this technology and take advantage of the high-quality technology of the university.

To make sure that the student who passes out from the university is ready to take on the life of the 21st century, the Deakin university puts special emphasis on the job of the future and present a lot new courses to make the partnerships stronger with the business and industry and to improve the results of the graduates. Deakin also raises the spirits of the students for openings for students to involve in the internationally associated study, promoting intercultural understanding and compassion.

Deakin has a robust global centre and status as it has nearly 13,000 international students who chose to get their higher education at this university. The University has worldwide offices in many countries such as Indonesia, Latin America, South Asia, Sri Lanka and China. Deakin has garnered the Governor of Victoria’s Export Award for Education and Training four times in the years from 2014- 2017 and in 2017, the Australian Export Award for Education and Training. Its 221,000 former students are living and working from corner to corner of the world and their success is the greatest determine the achievement of Deakin.

Deakin is categorized in the top 2 percent of the planet’s institutions of higher education in all of the most important positions and is on 29th spot in the QS ranking of the planet’s new institutions of higher education. Deakin is acknowledged for its robust conglomerates with industry, administrations and societies. Its Innovation Precinct at Waurn Ponds delivers a significant connection between technical origination and positive industry outcomes, solidification and rationalization pathways for viable investigation. The Innovation Precinct integrates Deakin’s high-level research capabilities with industrialized scale infrastructure and business conglomerates, directly profiting local financial markets.

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