Critique of Adams’ and Backus-Chapian’s Theories

Concise Summary of Theory
• At least one page of typed text
• Summary demonstrates a solid understanding of the material presented
• Summary presents the core ideas of each Christian theory of counseling
• Summary is sufficiently thorough (covers the essential concepts of the theory) but also concise (tightly worded and eliminates peripheral ideas)
Evaluation of Strengths and Weakness
• One page
• This section demonstrates critical thinking in the analysis and critique of the material.
• This section identifies the strengths/weaknesses of the theory (from your perspective) and provides your rationale for your critique. With what do you agree and disagree? This section does not merely add more information about the theory, but provides critique.
• This section comments on the efficacy of the theory—does the theory provide a comprehensive theory of counseling?
Personal Reflection and Application
• One page
• This section provides personal example(s) of how you personally relate to the content of the theory
• This section provides clear connections between the life episode and the core concepts (not peripheral ideas in the theory)
• This section describes what you may use from the theory in your own counseling.

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