Part 1

All students are reminded to form into groups by Week 5 of the Term. For all on-campus students, please take help from your lead lecturer for the formation of your team if needed. For distance students, your unit coordinator is the staff to contact to help you with team formation. Your team members should take different roles in the team, including analyst, report writer, and proof reader. You rotate the leadership role. You divide the tasks of major body sections of your report. All team members work closely together to produce the introduction and conclusion sections. When you change leadership roles, the next analyst will assume the role of a new leader heading the team into the right common direction. The finalised version of the report should be read and reviewed in full by all team members. The Week 12 team leader will be responsible for submitting the assignment. The title page of your assignment should include Student Ids and full names of all team members. Include a table showing your leadership roles, team member roles and durations in the last page of your assignment.

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