CIS8009 | Management of Business Telecommunications | Management

Assignment 2 (Industry Research Paper 1)

Value- thetotal value of this assignment is 25%.


To complete this assignment, you’re required to find out two organizations- one large organization with over 5,000 employees and one small-to-medium organization with 50-1,000 employees.

The size of these organizations is vital to their present and future requirements would be different. When you’re choosing these organizations, consider their footprint, such as are they operating within one country only, and are they have a branch to another country or are planning to do so, or are they already operating on a global scale? You need to consider some other points like the type of business, for example, pharmaceutical versus distribution. You may find some information on their background that gives some clues. You could also look at their vision, mission, values, and statements.

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